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10 feb 08: weekend

July 14, 2008 by  

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10 feb 08: weekend

This weekend has mostly revolved around consumption of wine.  A little (read: lot) later than intended, I got to Blackheath for colleague’s birthday celebrations.  My 15 minutes on route 54 was a steep learning curve in the circle of fashion.  Peach blazers are, apparently, in.  And the Chav look has been superseded by ExtremeChav.  Most of you can imagine what that looks like, but if you can’t, well then I don’t want to corrupt your minds.

Pub was good, I recall handfuls of Bombay mix, a very boring conversation with a SCUBA instructor and repeatedly describing a science teacher I work with as 80% rubbish and 20% science.  Being out with teachers meant sharing taxis back south around midnight, despite a yearnign desire for dancing.  What else to do at home on a Friday night other than invite people round?!   And thus I did.  Unfortunately, my options were limited, and by 1am I was sprawled out on the grande green rug, whilst Orange Goblin fanatic Bren channelsurfed from the sofa.  I woke at 5.30am, wondered upstairs to find that Bren had made himself very comfortable.  Lacking effort, I collapsed in my bed, setting my alarm to wake me up a few hours later.  

As 9am rolled around, I was already awake.  My car needed to be taken to the garage to get the CD player fitted and there was a wasted Welshman snoring away in the next room.  I discovered that – sometime between 1am and 5.30am – Bren must’ve helped himself to the entire (yet admittedly limited) contents of my kitchen as well as a book.  I woke him up, bypassed manners and told him I had to leave imminently.  He took FOREVER in the bathroom, and used my toothbrush for something certainly unsavoury.  I threw it away.  As he purposely took so long, I felt loathed to then drive out of my way to drop him at the station, so I pointed him vaguely in the right direction, and despite some protestations, off i went.

CD player got fitted, house got tidied, park got ran in.  Simon came over and we went shopping for bikes, rollerblades, belts and sandwiches.  Rollerblading didn’t last too long as we had Indian takeouts to chuff down and Guitar Hero 3 to play before heading out.  In the time it took to sip a few more glasses of wine (this time laced with soemthing dripping from an AC unit), our crew for the night had assembled: myself, Simon, my brother, two Frenchmen and a Serb.

Having avoided paying for London transport, our sextet jubilently strode past Centrepoint, into Intrepid Fox, just for one drink whilst we decided where to go.  One drink turned into……many.  And then some more.  Ran into South African Duncan, more Frenchies and Finns, then Josh joined us, spent about half an hour trying to work out the maths of buying 7 sambucas at £2.50 each split between 2 people.  Then 3 people.  There was apaprently some talk of how certain people look naked, but I don’t know how anyone involved in that conversation would know!  I’ve tried to understand but can draw no conclusions as to why I poured a whole glass of red wine over Stefan’s head.  Or then threw the glass across the bar.  Or why I didn’t get asked to leave.

A short while later (having swum through a cess pool to get to the bathroom), we did all leave in spectacular style.  I had a slight altercation with a rubbish bus driver, and then with a number of people on the bus.  But it was all necessary in getting home.  Getting off the bus too late was not, however.  Back at mine, 4.30am, Ben found it essential to try to connect to my internet connection but when that proved fruitless, I tried to phone Josh but – suprise! – he didn’t answer his phone.

Slept for a while, ate some chicken, plumber came round, Dad’s birthday, went for loooong walk in the woods with parents, grandparents and Molly, Tink, Brodie and Alfie.  Accidentally replied “Excellent!” when my mum informed me that Grandma fell down.  Greek food.  Le fin!!!



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