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How To Get Free Backstage Passes

16 July 06: Festival 3…Bloodstock Open Air

July 14, 2008 by  

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16 July 06: Festival 3…Bloodstock Open Air

My car broke down and I had everyone’s tickets, but got there in time.  Yodelling, bandanas from Athiest, vodka, DOOOOM, flags, falling asleep on people, interviews, sunburn, beer, shenanigans, did I really insist on putting face-paint on everyone in the VIP tent..? (yes..) Then everyone was naked in there.  Karaoke, “I’m next!” and then I don’t know what happened after all that.  Lei lei lei.

This week was a bit mad.  Awards evening, gifted and talented rehearsals all night and performance (twice), talent show prep.  This TV crew came to film stuff in my dept too for a documentary on Depeche Mode.  Tomorrow – Sports Day…



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