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Mini-Album vs. EP

June 4, 2010 by  

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Mini-Album vs. EP

Ah, the lesser spotted (yet ever-growing) mini album. Not quite an album. Not quite a single. An EP, you might think? What could possibly be the difference between a mini-album and an EP?

Well, the EP is honest. It stands for Extended Play. That is, a single with extras – you couldn’t be disappointed with that, right? To be an EP, you must have at least 25 minutes worth of music, or a minimum of four tracks. A collection of pieces with artwork. Simple.

A mini-album is the same. But without integrity. By calling it a mini album, you expect everything from an album – yet smaller, lesser, more vague. It’s a mini version of what could be. It’s false hope, a fob off to fans. “HERE’S OUR (mini) ALBUM!” a band proclaims. “Hooray!” we think, all excited. What’s it about? Does anyone feature? When will they be touring it? Oh, hang on. It’s a MINI-album. An extended single. No tour. No concept – probably. Just a mere attention-deficit prod from lazy musicians who can’t be arsed to supply their listeners with what they need.

– Judas Morgan



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