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How To Get Free Backstage Passes
Rant: £4.50 for a festival beer?!

By NADIA RAMOUL Picture the scene: it is one we have all endured, gleefully bounding through the festival gates, fresh from a sleepless and uncomfortable stay in a suspicious-smelling tent. Your sneaky... [Read more...]


Why do festivals turn normal civilians into numpties?

As the bulk of festival season draws to a close, we can all return to our daily humdrum of bland grey work suits and under eye bags, shuffling along the street to the bus stop. Yes, it’s time to... [Read more...]


A foreigner’s guide to surviving London

“What?!” you say. “You belong here. You’ve lived here your entire life. How can you write from the perspective of a lost traveller on their first visit to the Big Smoke?” True, I am. But... [Read more...]


We’re off to Download!

See you there!  Read More →

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June 4, 2010

Mini-Album vs. EP

Ah, the lesser spotted (yet ever-growing) mini album. Not quite an album. Not quite a single. An EP, you might think? What could possibly be the difference between a mini-album and an EP? Well, the... [Read more...]


How NOT to ask us to review your music

Here at RHV HQ, we receive many an email asking us to review an artist’s music. Often times we take a listen. Other times, we simply don’t have the time. Less do we have the inclination... [Read more...]


February 16, 2010

The WORST taxi driver ever!

If you want to get home without having to call the police, DON’T pick up a taxi from 2am, Monday night. We finish up an evening of teppanyaki dining, access all areas passes... [Read more...]


November 6, 2009

A weekend in Central Europe

Central Europe consists only of the Czech Republic. They don’t want to be muddled in with Eastern Europe, still a raw Communist wound reflecting Russian rule. And they’re just not close enough to... [Read more...]


October 11, 2009

my teen spirit

Whilst doing a long overdue sort out of my CD collection, I came across the Nirvana bootlegs I vehemently protected many years ago. Faded covers and cracked cases documented how I’d carried these... [Read more...]


August 19, 2009

Les Bons Temps

Ah, Paris! Earth’s most romantic city. Home to the Mona Lisa, cheese and probably the world’s most useable underground metro system, everyone wants to experience this delightful city at least once.... [Read more...]


Judge Not On Appearance…

La Roux: Not Norwegian So I could have sworn La Roux was Norwegian. Honestly, I’m sure some DJ or other introduced her new track as being by “Norwegian-born La Roux”. And so, as I bopped along... [Read more...]


June 26, 2009

Michael Jackon’s songs

Ben says: They say it’s down to a heart attack.  Personally I blame it on the Boogie.  It was either that or the man in the mirror. Bex says: A Bad Liberian Girl told me.  She was a bit of a smooth... [Read more...]


Taking The Piss Outta Charity

Charity: generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless. We donate clothes that no longer fit. We give up our time to help raise awareness within the community. Fund-raising gigs, marathons,... [Read more...]


May 28, 2009

Stealth Drinking

I never anticipated university would teach me so much. Those pauper days where every penny counts – unless it’s a Wednesday night and everyone’s getting trashed. Personally, I was never one... [Read more...]


Where were ya, Doherty?

I admit, I was looking forward to seeing Pete[r] Doherty version 2.0. I imagined a freshly laundered adaptation, like when you get your favourite dress back from the dry cleaners. Put in a filthy item... [Read more...]


March 30, 2009


I certainly won’t bemoan how incredible technological advances allow us simpler, easier and altogether more hassle-free lives, but it doesn’t come without a cost. For all the wonderful advantages... [Read more...]


Chess, Drugs, Rock’n’Roll

It’s been a busy ol’ time recently, with hardly anytime to think about it. I finally made it down to the fancy Pigalle Club to see Vonda Shepherd who stunned and amazed, much like the price... [Read more...]


February 25, 2009

Finland: ten tips to survival

Finland. The road somewhat less travelled, one might assume, although hardly off the beaten track. Home to Nokia, reindeers, Battle Metal, Sami Hyypia, saunas, Father Christmas and – of course –... [Read more...]


February 4, 2009

Snow what?!

In case you hadn’t realised, it’s snowed across England over the past couple of days. Of course, you’ve realised though. If you didn’t spot the freezing weather and mysterious appearance of multiple... [Read more...]


Rockstars, food and an inquisitive mind…

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just me who has spent time wondering what rockstars eat. It’s a biological certainty that they do eat. For all the God-like qualities some behold, they are, alas,... [Read more...]


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