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How To Get Free Backstage Passes
Apparat take the The Devil’s Walk across the UK.

It is safe to say that any electronic music enthusiast will have come across Berlin artist Sascha Ring at some point. Whether it be via the releases of his first three albums under Apparat, through the... [Read more...]

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June 8, 2011

Evans the Death

Evans the Death make frenetic and infectious punk pop which exudes the kind of unbridled charisma, intelligence, and runaway energy that promises a singularly exciting future for the band. Comprising Dan... [Read more...]

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Introducing…  Sailors and Saints NAME: Sailors and Saints
GENRE: Rock/Indie/Alternative
SOUNDS LIKE: The lovechild of Biffy Clyro and Jimmy Eat World....

January 14, 2011

Introducing…  Jason Spooner NAME: Jason Spooner
GENRE: Singer songwriter (with back up!)
SOUNDS LIKE: A group of left of the centre mates, chilling out with guitars and soulful voices. ...
Introducing…  Collectors Club NAME: Collectors Club
GENRE: Indie Rock
SOUNDS LIKE: A crossbreed of Vampire Weekend and The Libertines, all the while playing managing to keep the acous...
Introducing…  The Joy Formidable NAME: The Joy Formidable
GENRE: Ye finest Indie rock and roll
SOUNDS LIKE: Thoughtful, bittersweet, exuberant and fast-paced; like funnelling Travis and Feeder through an atom...
Introducing…  The Collectable Few NAME: The Collectable Few
GENRE: Jangly guitar pop, remniscent of 90s lite-Britpop
SOUNDS LIKE: NME-friendly synth-backed, guitar pop, guaranteed to pick up decent amounts of airplay on XFM. ...

December 15, 2010

Introducing…  Heavy Dials NAME: Heavy Dials
GENRE: Electronica/ Future Soul.
SOUNDS LIKE: Liquid, menacing, staring at the city from the top of a concrete tower block with a songbird on your...
Introducing…  The Wonder Years NAME: The Wonder Years
GENRE: Pop-punk
SOUNDS LIKE: New Found Glory combined with the lyrical ingenuity of old-school Weezer....
Introducing…  Pulled Apart By Horses NAME: Pulled Apart By Horses
GENRE: Super- screamy frantic hardcore
SOUNDS LIKE: The Blood Brothers and Dillinger Escape Plan locked in a battle to the death. With party poppers....
Introducing…  Izzo Flii NAME: Izzo Flii
SOUNDS LIKE: Mike Shinoda (Linkin' Park), Tinie Tempah....
Introducing…  Dog Is Dead NAME: Dog Is Dead
GENRE: Pop / Indie / Jazz
SOUNDS LIKE: A hot summer day with cold beer and good friends in a somewhat overcrowded park....
Introducing…  The Ace Project

 NAME: The Ace Project

GENRE: Pop/Rock/Alternative/Acoustic

SOUNDS LIKE: A cocktail of Alternative Rock bohemia, confessional Acoustica exposés and infectious Indie Pop. Sh...
INTRODUCING: The Ace Project

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February 4, 2010

Introducing… El Wristo

NAME: El Wristo GENRE: Indie / Pop / Alternative SOUNDS LIKE: a shaken-up new take on those nostalgic afternoons sifting through your favourite old CDs. LOCATION: Bath / Bristol, UK LINE UP: After a bit... [Read more...]


Introducing… Dolphin Parade

NAME: Dolphin Parade GENRE: Surf Rock/Indie SOUNDS LIKE: Sitting on the beach while drinking a blended cocktail of Kings of Leon, Incubus and old Idlewild LOCATION: Brighton, UK LINE UP: Chris Drew (vocals/guitar),... [Read more...]


Introducing… Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight

NAME: Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight GENRE: D.I.Y, experimental, sexy, sleazy, stoner, doom Blues Metal SOUNDS LIKE: Down tempo blues riffs with spaced out effects and a witty edge LOCATION:... [Read more...]


December 14, 2009

Introducing… The Skanx

NAME: The Skanx GENRE: Ska/Funk SOUNDS LIKE: A pick me up for life. Ska/funky happy, happy, joy, joy tunes only able to be produced by an 11 piece band full of character. LOCATION: London, UK LINE UP:... [Read more...]


Introducing… Guerrilla Radio

NAME: Guerrilla Radio GENRE: Alternative pop-rock SOUNDS LIKE: A maelstrom of melodic majesty doing its upmost to blow the lame metal overlords still ruling the roost in the hearts and minds of the hoards... [Read more...]


Introducing… Legend Of The Seven Black Tentacles

NAME: Legend Of The Seven Black Tentacles GENRE: Orchestral Hip Hop. SOUNDS LIKE: If Classical folks were less concerned with harmony and more concerned with atmosphere, attitude, and spittin’ sick... [Read more...]


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