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REVIEW: JJ Grey and Mofro – This River

NAME: JJ Grey and Mofro ALBUM: This River DATE: 24th June 2013 LABEL: Alligator / Proper Records RATING: 4/5 FIVE WORD REVIEW: Dirty steamin’ bayou funk blues. REVIEW: The seventh album from Jacksonville,... [Read more...]

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NAME: THE JIM JONES REVUE ALBUM: The Savage Heart DATE: 15th October 2012 LABEL: Play It Again Sam/Punk Rock Blues RATING: 3/5 REVIEW: It’s life Jim, but not as we know it. First and foremost, if... [Read more...]

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Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Americana

NAME: Neil Young and Crazy Horse ALBUM: Americana DATE: 4th June 2012 LABEL: Reprise RATING: 3/5 FIVE WORD REVIEW: Dusky, gritty, but unfortunately bland. REVIEW: Neil Young’s 34th studio album, which... [Read more...]

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Doomed From Day One – The Wasted World

NAME: Doomed From Day One EP: The Wasted World
DATE: 14th November 2011 RATING: 4/5
Technical metal can often be difficult to digest, as the genre encompasses a wid...[READ MORE]

Our People Versus Yours – Lights

NAME: Our People Versus Yours EP: Lights
DATE: 21st November 2011 RATING: 3/5
By having a valiant stab at the grossly over-saturated metalcore scene, Our Peop...[READ MORE]

Funeral For A Friend – See You All In Hell

NAME: Funeral For A Friend EP: See You All In Hell
DATE: 7th November 2011 RATING: 4/5
Reinforcing their reputation as one of the UK’s hardest working bands, Funeral...[READ MORE]

Rock Mafia – The Big Big Bang

NAME: Rock Mafia SINGLE: The Big Big Bang
DATE: 3rd November 2010 RATING: 4/5
Rock Mafia have been in the music business for a number of years. Tim James is a...[READ MORE]

The Waterboys – An Appointment With Mr Yeats

NAME: The Waterboys ALBUM: An Appointment With Mr Yeats
DATE: 19th September 2011 RATING: 3/5
With a title Influenced by W.B. Yeats, an album offering something different was...[READ MORE]

The Junk – Problem. Reaction.  Solution

NAME: The Junk ALBUM: Problem. Reaction. Solution
DATE: 12th September 2011 RATING: 4/5
They say that with a host of influences spanning from 60’s soul legend ‘Sam...[READ MORE]

September 13, 2011

Scarlette Fever – Elated

NAME: Scarlette Fever SINGLE: Elated
DATE: 18th September 2011 RATING: 4/5
Taken from her album ‘Medication Time’ which is out now, ‘Elevated’ was ...[READ MORE]

September 13, 2011

Dave Depper  – The Ram Project

NAME: Dave Depper ALBUM: The Ram Project
DATE: 22nd August 2011 RATING: 3/5
‘The Ram Project’ is Dave Depper’s personal venture to reconstruct Paul Mc...[READ MORE]

September 13, 2011

Feud – Waterdog

NAME: Feud ALBUM: Waterdog
DATE: 19th September 2011 RATING: 3/5
Brothers Greg and Guy Combrinck began work on songs in South Africa and eventual...[READ MORE]

The Bristol Reggae Explosion Volume 2 – The 80’s.

NAME: The Bristol Reggae Explosion Volume 2 ALBUM: The 80’s.
DATE: 17th October 2011 RATING: 3/5
The decade was an important time for the country’s race relations and that ten...[READ MORE]

Quiet Rebellion – Still Talking Scribble

NAME: Quiet Rebellion ALBUM: Still Talking Scribble
DATE: 7th February 2011 RATING: 3/5
Shaun T. Hunter turned his back on a potentially lucrative deal back in the 1990...[READ MORE]

Mike Oldfield – Incantations

NAME: Mike Oldfield ALBUM: Incantations
DATE: 25th July 2011 RATING: 4/5
Hands up who remembers the Exorcist? Good work, John. Five team points. N...[READ MORE]

Graciela – Now It Is Me

NAME: Graciela ALBUM: Now It Is Me
DATE: 11th February 2011 RATING: 3/5
Now It Is Me is the debut album from Graciela. Born in Spain, Graciela became in...[READ MORE]

Chris Barber – Memories Of My Trip

NAME: Chris Barber ALBUM: Memories Of My Trip
DATE: 18th April 2011 RATING: 3/5
Barber’s career began in the 50’s when he formed a band named Ken Colyer’s...[READ MORE]

Waylayers – Weightless E.P.

NAME: Waylayers EP: Weightless E.P.
DATE: 1st August 2011 RATING: 3/5
Attention. London based electro-lads, Waylayer’s are about to release their fi...[READ MORE]

Retrograde – Mindfighter EP (Motion: Part 1)

NAME: Retrograde EP: Mindfighter EP (Motion: Part 1)
DATE: 17th July 2011 RATING: 2/5
‘Mindfighter’ is exactly that really, it instigates a fight with your own mi...[READ MORE]

Easy Star All-Stars – First Light

NAME: Easy Star All-Stars ALBUM: First Light
DATE: 30th May 2011 RATING: 4/5
This electric band has been around for a while and are known for their reggae in...[READ MORE]

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