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Introducing… Dolphin Parade

January 26, 2010 by  

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Introducing… Dolphin Parade

NAME: Dolphin Parade

GENRE: Surf Rock/Indie

SOUNDS LIKE: Sitting on the beach while drinking a blended cocktail of Kings of Leon, Incubus and old Idlewild

LOCATION: Brighton, UK

LINE UP: Chris Drew (vocals/guitar), Brian Thomas (Bass/vocals), James Gazeley (guitar/vocals), Joe Pryor (Drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Hailing from Brighton the boys have a different feel to some of the bands currently on the London scene. The riffs are dirty at times and clean at others. The vocals brooding and dark; melodic and smooth with a hint of humour; gravelly and deep with the occasional Tom Waits twing. You’ll try to figure out the similarities but never quite put your finger on it because it isn’t quite the same as anything else. Dolphin Parade are making themselves heard and standing out from the crowd. Their recent performance at the Red Stripe Awards is just a taster of what’s ahead.

RELEASES: ‘The Trilogy of Happiness’ EP released in January 2010

GIGS: Dolphin Parade’s next gig is at 93 Feet East on the 19th Feb

THEY SAY: “Rocking riffs, cool harmonies and fine lyrics from a seaside four-piece on the way up…noisily”

WE SAY: Listen to them, see them, spread the word. Be a part of the beginning, the history, before you have to start fighting for tickets!

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF: you like music with a message and an energetic live show

LINKS: MySpace

– Vicky Pitt



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