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Introducing… Heavy Dials

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Introducing…  Heavy Dials

NAME: Heavy Dials

GENRE: Electronica/ Future Soul.

SOUNDS LIKE: Liquid, menacing, staring at the city from the top of a concrete tower block with a songbird on your shoulder. It’s a dark soul/Electonica mash-up produced in that grotty, water-stained apartment from ‘Ju-on: The Grudge’.

LOCATION: Brighton, UK.

LINE UP: Ben Harris – Production, Beats and Basslines.
Peppi Knott – Production, Vocals and Songwriting.
Dave Moody – Production, Songwriting.


WHAT’S THE STORY?: “Heavy Dials formed as a completely serendipitous twist of fate.

Peppi was looking for a band to play her own musical creations.

Ben was looking for songwriters to collaborate with as a producer.

Dave wasn’t looking.”

Forced together though the thrice-cursed, twisted triumvirate of fate, Music College and Gumtree, the Heavy Dials represent a talented trio of tricked-out trailblazers looking to shake things up and rattle a few cages.

Oh, and their secret base is in Brighton (Beneath the Clock Tower).

RELEASES: ‘Box of Styles’ (Ep, self release). Available now.

Their first release, scrapped together in a flat with tin-cans and bits of string and it still absolutely dumps on most mainstream chart-releases.

GIGS: Tour schedule comes out first quarter 2011!

THEY SAY: Dave and Peppi met at music college. Ben and Peppi met under the branches of a Gumtree. After a meeting of minds, it seemed fitting they would all work together. They decided to combine their skills and come up with something new and unique.

WE SAY: You know when the media talk about ‘this generation’s talented youngsters’ and you wonder who the hell they’re talking about? Well secretly, it’s these guys. The acts that really matter are the ones that dare to experiment and push music forward and that’s where these sproutly upstarts fall in. This is no-nonsense, do it yourself, soundscape magic.


YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: Forward thinking electronica. Z.electric. A little bit of darkness in your soul.




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