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Introducing… Sailors and Saints

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Introducing…  Sailors and Saints

NAME: Sailors and Saints

GENRE: Rock/Indie/Alternative

SOUNDS LIKE: The lovechild of Biffy Clyro and Jimmy Eat World.


LINE UP: Chad Male (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
Mark Robinson (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals)
Matthew White (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Adam Mendum (Drums)

sailors and saints.jpg

WHAT’S THE STORY?: Chad and Mark have played together in numerous bands with differing line ups since they were at school together but never stayed with any of them for too long.

They formed Sailors and Saints last year, initially struggling to make an impact on the local music scene. But, after a line up change and a three month break to get their heads together, they became the band they are today.

They’ve already played a few successful shows in and around the local area, including advancing to the semi finals of a Battle of the Bands competition, which has yet to take place (see ‘Gigs’ section) and have made a very strong impression with their debut E.P.

We’ve been promised more from this talented young band, so keep your eyes peeled. You really do not want to miss out.

RELEASES: 3 Track EP available to download for free at

GIGS: Thursday 21st April – Doc Browns, Middlesbrough
Thursday 16th June – Princess Alice BOTB SF, Middlesbrough
Saturday 25th June – Teesside University [Make A Scene Festival], Middlesbrough

THEY SAY: “We’re hoping that people will see us as something a little different to the local scene to be honest, which is full of new bands, so it isn’t an easy job. When we write songs we always try and write choruses with big, emotional hooks, and structure the songs so that they can sound as big as possible live too. We realise that not everyone’s gonna check out some EP on Facebook so we have to make that important first impression.

And there’s definitely a darker, edgier side to our music that might not be immediately apparent on your first listen, you just have to listen to the lyrics. We’ve had comparisons to Biffy Clyro, Manchester Orchestra and Taking Back Sunday if that’s any indication. Our influences range from all over though, from The Cure to Kings of Leon to Mumford & Sons.

Lyrically, an author/poet called Jack Kerouac has had a big influence on my writing, that guy’s a fooking genius. I read his book ‘On The Road’ when I was away, and ended up writing the lyrics to our song of the same name.

We’ll be recording another, probably longer E.P before the year is out; we’ve got ideas flowing out of every orifice! But right now, it’s all about making people know about us.”

WE SAY: This band are on the road to success. They are getting a lot of positive attention and rightly so. It’s been brewing from the day Chad and Mark began their first endeavour. It seems, however, that it was always going to be about finding the right people to make it happen. And they’ve found the perfect mix with themselves, Matthew and Adam. They compliment each other brilliantly and you can tell they are having the time of their lives at the moment. And why shouldn’t they be? They are making music people like and can easily relate to.

Long may it continue.

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