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Introducing… The Collectable Few

December 15, 2010 by  

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Introducing…  The Collectable Few

NAME: The Collectable Few

GENRE: Jangly guitar pop, remniscent of 90s lite-Britpop

SOUNDS LIKE: NME-friendly synth-backed, guitar pop, guaranteed to pick up decent amounts of airplay on XFM.


LINE UP: Tarek Al – Shammaa – Lead vocals; Nat Cantor – Guitar; Tom Christensen – Bass and vocals; Alex Hammond – Drums


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Nat and Tom were old friends who started writing music and performing in bands together in their early teens. One night they got talking to a quiffed young man in a West London pub who turned out to be Tarek.

The three of them met several times in the following weeks, writing material inspired by fuzzy 90’s guitar bands and pop stars from around the globe.

Shortly afterwards they tried out a talented local drummer who Nat had seen around a few places and taken an instant disliking to. Thankfully that changed and The Collectable Few was born.

RELEASES: The Collectable Few released their ‘Half The Night EP’ on July 5th 2010 and they’re about to release their new single ‘Headstrong’ on January 24th 2011. Listen to it here

GIGS: December 15th – Borderline, London (supporting The Whigs)
January 6th – TV Nights at Ginglik, London
January 27th – The Macbeth, London supporting Let’s Buy Happiness
February 10th – Proud Galleries, Camden
February 25th – Tales of the Unexpected @ Proud Galleries, Camden

The Collectable Few – Glamour by 9PR

THEY SAY: Our “songs are all short stories inspired by our experiences of modern life in a big city and the various obsessions that we’ve picked up along the way so far.”

WE SAY: if we ever needed a reason to dress up in skinny ties, braces and turned up trousers, don a stratocaster and gaze at our brogues, this would be it.


YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: early Suede, Menswear and Dodgy in a grimy but oh-so-scene club.
Order the track here:




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