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Introducing… The Joy Formidable

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Introducing…  The Joy Formidable

NAME: The Joy Formidable

GENRE: Ye finest Indie rock and roll

SOUNDS LIKE: Thoughtful, bittersweet, exuberant and fast-paced; like funnelling Travis and Feeder through an atom smasher and dancing through the confetti that explodes out the other side.


LINE UP: Matt Thomas (drums, percussion)
Rhydian Dafydd (bass guitar, backing vocals) Ritzy Bryan (lead vocals, guitar)


WHAT’S THE STORY?: Freedom-fighting three-piece formed in 2007, amongst the harsh dystopian landscape of Northern Wales under the codename ‘Sidecar Kisses’. They used their exceptional musical talent to fight tyranny in all forms until a cruel betrayal forced them to go on the lamb.

Evading the ferocious border guards and baleful breath of the Gwyllgi, they escaped into England, taking on the fresh Nom de guerre‎ ‘The Joy Formidable’. Since then they’ve slowly gathered greater and greater accolades and recognition as the years have rolled by, biding their time, never forgetting their roots.

2011 is the year they plan to first conquer the charts and then retake their Kingdom.

Cymru am Byth!

RELEASES: Their debut album ‘The Big Roar’ hits the floors come January 24th, of which there’s a fancy promo edition available right now on their website.

In addition there have been:

‘A Balloon Called Moaning’, ep (17/02/09)

‘First You Have to Get Mad’, live album (20/11/09)

And the following singles:

‘Austere’ (18/08/08)
‘My Beerdrunk Soul is Sadder Than a Hundred Dead Christmas Trees’ (22/12/08)
‘Cradle’ (02/02/09)
‘Whirring’ (25/05/09)
‘Greyhounds in The Slips’ (08/09/09)
‘Popinjay’ (21/02/2010)
‘I Don’t Want To See You Like This’ (11/11/2010)

GIGS: Their next tour is a European one and kicks off in the UK on 01/02/11.

Feb 1: Bournemouth Old Fire Station, Bournemouth, UK
Feb 2: Thekla, Bristol, UK
Feb 3: Birmingham Academy 2, Birmingham, UK
Feb 4: Manchester Club Academy, Manchester, UK
Feb 6: King Tuts, Glasgow, UK
Feb 7: Edinburgh Electric Circus, Edingburgh, UK
Feb 8: Newcastle Academy 2, Newcastle, UK
Feb 9: Cockpit, Leeds, UK
Feb 11: Plug, Sheffield, UK
Feb 12: Cambridge St Paul’s, Cambridge, UK
Feb 13: Leicester Academy 2, Leicester, UK
Feb 14: London Koko, London, UK
Feb 16: Evreux Abordage, FR
Feb 17: Tourcoing Le Grand Mix, FR
Feb 18: Paris Flech D’or, Paris, FR
Feb 19: St. Lo Le, Normandy, FR
Feb 21: RAZZMATAZZ 2, Barcelona, ES
Feb 22: Moby Dick, Madrid, ES
Feb 24: Hive Club, Zürich, SC
Feb 25: Covo, Bologna, ITR

You’d be an official fool of a Took to miss this.

THEY SAY: “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

To put that in perspective enjoy this recontextualised quote taken from their blogsite:

“[…] chopping going well.
A few lost fingers later and we’ve actually exceeded our 300 pieces.
Therefore, we’ll place the surplus randomly in the leftover boxes.
[…] going insane.”

WE SAY: It is an unfathomable mystery why The Joy Formidable haven’t simply been catapulted to international super-star status from day one.

Accessible yet layered, bleak yet warm, zingy yet operatic; they are the genuine article: low in fat, high in awesome, soul staining, non-saccharine and containing no artificial chemicals or flavours.

And guess what? They’re even better live.

You want a band that genuinely loves their music, loves being on stage and loves their audience? THIS IS THEM.


YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: to see melancholy turned inside out into rhapsody.





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