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DVD: Rush Beyond The Lighted Stage

June 28, 2010 by  

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DVD: Rush Beyond The Lighted Stage

NAME: Rush
DVD: Beyond The Lighted Stage
YEAR: 2010 (June 28th)
LABEL: Universal

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Canadian rocker’s big life story

LOCATION: Ontario, Canada

LINE UP: Geddy Lee (vocals/bass) / Alex Lifeson (guitar) / Neil Peart (drums)

REVIEW: It’s almost obligatory to make some kind of Spinal Tap comparison when reviewing a band’s documentary, so let’s get this over this: If you’re expecting fun for all the family, dick jokes to keep the non-fans interested and rock star bullshit – look away now. ‘Beyond The Lighted Stage’ will only appeal to Rush fans, and rightly so as it’s one of the most self-indulgent documentaries you’ll ever see. That’s no cheap-shot though, it needs to be, as given the complexity of their music, it takes a lot of explaining to understand, and Rush were the daddies of prog rock.

The film is an A-Z, front to back, inside out look at Rush. From the humble beginnings of a couple of best friends, right through to world-wide success, the film tackles each stage of their success right up to their current existence. The only downside is that it includes far too much interview footage of Sebastian Bach (the most annoying rock star ever), but it’s good some cool clips of Kirk Hammett, Gene Simmons, Billy Corgan and Vinnie Pool expressing their love for Rush. It also includes a bonus live footage, which makes the whole package clear the three hour mark and is a steal for Rush lovers.

– David Houssein




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