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RHV’s very excited Adam Smith caught up with Funeral For A Friend backstage at their Wakefield gig…

1. How has the tour been so far?
Good. It’s great to play uncovered places and it’s always interesting and good fun. Playing venues that are off the beaten track is good for us and allows us to explore new places.

2. What is it like to play the songs from Welcome Home Armageddon? I imagine that you’ve been itching to play them for a while. Plus, a lot of the tracks seem designed for the live environment.
The album was finished in October, but this is the first chance we’ve had to play them in the UK. We did play some dates abroad with Bullet For My Valentine where we got to play a few of them. Some of the tracks almost demand a reaction from the crowd and it’s great to finally get them out there.

3. The new album has been praised by many critics and it has a heavier sound to past albums, but were there any influences when you were writing?
Not really. I can’t really think of one particular influence, but I think the dynamic of the band simply changed when we switched Gav from bass to guitar; it brought us a new approach and a new canvas to write on. We just didn’t hold back when we wrote these songs and allowed ourselves to explore new styles of music. If you ask for a fast song, you’ll get a fast song. We simply let ourselves explore hardcore, punk and metallic sounds.

4. There’s a shift towards a heavier sound with ‘Welcome Home Armageddon’, especially in ‘Broken Foundation’. Would you say that it’s almost a new chapter for your band’s music?
It definitely feels like a new start. There are old musical elements which we used to hold back that are now brought back to the forefront and given a centre stage. With Broken Foundation, there were just no limitations. It turned out to be a really fast song, but there was no mentality of “that’s too heavy”. We just wrote it and played it.

matt and adam smith

5. Do you a have a favourite song, either new or old, to play live?
Not really. It changes weekly and depends on the vibe of the crowd. There can be times when nothing really resonates with the crowd or myself. It will sometimes be an old song, and sometimes be a new song. At the moment, ‘Sixteen’ is a song that we really enjoy playing and ‘Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t’ is another new one that we like to play.

6. You’ve played major festivals like Leeds/Reading, Download and Sonisphere as well as small clubs, but which do you prefer?
The smaller venues because songs often seem to come across better. I have a soft spot for intimate gigs. But, it does depend on the occasion, as you can sometimes feel that nothing can connect with you or the crowd.

7. Throughout the years, you’ve taken young British bands on tour with you, from Bullet For My Valentine to Tiger Please and Rise To Remain, so how does it feel to be able to boost the exposure of these new artists?
We believe in Britain’s music scene and we’re completely in the mindset of helping our friends. We toured with Rise To Remain last autumn and they’re a great band and great people. Tiger Please are a band that we’re fans of and it’s cool to give them this exposure. Plus, they’re from our neck of the woods!

8. Are there any new bands at the moment that you could recommend?
I don’t really listen to much new music to be honest! But, there is one band that everyone is talking about at the moment called Letlive. There is a real buzz about them and they take me back to old times when bands produced passionate music and basically did whatever they wanted to.

9. Is there one artist in particular that you’ve always wanted to collaborate with?

Jay-Z! People might expect us to pick someone from our own genre, but it’s funny to work with someone from a different musical background and it would be more challenging for us. Kylie is another artist that we’d love to work with. Kylie and the boys would be fucking exceptional!

10. After the two ‘Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation’ shows last year, would you ever consider playing another album in its entirety?
Well, the Casually Dressed shows were for Darran really. We just wanted to give him a good-send off and celebrate what he did for the band. We wouldn’t count out another album show, but it’s not something we’re necessarily looking at going back to. It’s not like: “We’ll just do ‘Hours’ next!” If it happens, it happens, but it isn’t something we’re thinking of at the moment.

11. After working with PledgeMusic over the last year, how effective do you think it could be in the future?

I think that Pledge is still in its infancy, as there are a lot of finer points to be worked on. It is an interesting concept and it was good to do an album and an EP with them, though we wouldn’t necessarily go back to it. But, it’s a good option and it’s cool that it doesn’t give ‘the man’ the money. I like the idea of paying the band themselves, rather than the label or a faceless man.

Funeral For A Friend’s remaining tour dates are:
Fri 01 Apr Poole Chords
Sat 02 Apr Saltash Livewire
Sun 03 Apr Wycombe Academy
Mon 05 Apr Brighton Concorde 2
Tue 06 Apr Coventry Kasbah
Thu 07 Apr Gloucester Guildhall
Fri 08 Apr Wimbledon Merton Manor Club




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