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RHV editor Rachael Dallimore managed to get a few words from the inimitable Right Said Fred before they headed off on a promotional tour to support the release of their latest album ‘Stop The World’. Keep your eyes peeled on here for Andrew Gregory’s review of the album!

1.You’re about to release your ninth album ‘Stop The World’. Given many bands only last two or three albums, what’s your secret?
We don’t wait to get approval from a record label. We’re very stubborn, we try to stay productive no matter what, we’ve released 3 of those 9 albums independently. Also we’re old school. When you’ve played as many shows as we have over as many years it becomes second nature.

2. What’s the album about?
There’s no overall theme, for example….. STOP THE WORLD was written as a reaction to the appalling couple of years we’ve had recently. WE’RE ALL CRIMINALS is about the nanny state and the UK’s addiction to CCTV and legislation. RAINING IN ENGLAND is a patriotic song about the UK. WAITING FOR A TRAIN is about a journey. JULIANNE is a love song. COME DANCING is about losing yourself in music when life gets too much. OBVIOUS is about love and the fact you never know where you’ll find it.

3. Some artists really experiment on different releases. However, ‘Stop The World’ is quite true to your pop roots. Have you been influenced much by other music over the past few years?
We’ve always loved simple songs, in the words of John Cale “why use 2 chords when you can use 1”. We listen to everything from Frank Sinatra to Frank Turner to White Stripes to The Rolling Stones to Chase and Status. We like the mix of organic/acoustic and digital technology.

4. You’re starting a UK tour in April – what can fans expect from your live show?
It’s an acoustic show with lots of audience interaction, Q&A, chit-chat and story telling. There is no subject we won’t discuss and no question we won’t answer In the last 5 years we’ve played to over 2,000,000 people which is great but all you really get to say to the audience is “thanks a lot” , “the next song is” blah blah blah….so we fancied trying a more intimate and interactive gig.

5. You guys live in Brighton, but you’re not playing a Brighton gig on the tour – how come?!
Rich lives in London and Fred lives in Brighton…….well Hove actually. No idea why we’re not playing down South.

6. Will you be playing at any festivals this summer?
Probably in Germany/Austria etc but we have nothing confirmed so far for the UK, the acoustic show is our priority.

7. ‘I’m Too Sexy’ was in the Top 10 for three months – do you think you can replicate that success again?
It was No1 in 32 countries including the US, all we can do is write and record what we like and leave it at that.

8. The band’s been going for over twenty years – do you think you’ll still be performing/writing in another twenty years?
Christ what a thought..!! I’m not sure there’s the medical know-how to keep us going.

9. What do you like to do in your spare time?
We still like to go to the gym, cycling, walk by the sea, read, movies ,indulge in food and wine.

10. What’s the best/worst/funniest rumour you’ve ever heard about Right Said Fred?
There was a tabloid headline ‘Aids Said Fred’.. this was based on a journo seeing us leaving a hospital. We had simply used the hospital car park as the hospital is close to a cinema.

11. Is it possible to say ‘Fred Fairbrass’ five times, really quickly?
Possible but definitely pointless.




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