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How To Get Free Backstage Passes


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Ahead of their short trip to the UK at the end of this month, RHV caught up with Tyler Armes from Down With Webster!

Hey guys, thanks for talking to us. First off, how did the band form?
Pat and I were sitting in music class in grade 8…we were 12 at the time. Our teacher said the year end assignment was to form a band, or make a poster as if we were a band. I had a garage that was used as a studio in the 80’s with a drum kit and some amps in it, so I tapped pat on the shoulder and said ” you want to start a band?” Thankfully he said yes.

The video we have is for ‘Whoa Is Me’. What’s it about?
It’s us taking a stab at celebrity culture and Hollywood stereotypes. It’s a song about someone’s ego spiraling out of control, and trying to fix their sadness with materialism.

How do you write your songs?
A few of us do most of the writing. We all have mini-portable studios that were always working on. We send ideas back and forth over e mails until we all get excited about something. Other times we’ll all sit in the same room around a piano or guitar and start from scratch.

You’re coming over to the UK for a few gigs in April – will this be your first time playing in Britain? Are you looking forward to it?
We are thrilled to finally come over. So much of our favorite music comes from the UK…its been a dream to finally get across the pond and play a gig.

You’ve shared a stage with Black Eyed Peas and 3Oh!3 to name a few – who have you enjoyed gigging with the most so far?

We really like the guys in 3oh!3… They’re just awesome. There is nothing better than being on tour with a band that is so much fun, and down to earth. We’re also good friends with The Roots, they’re idols of ours. We grew up going to their concerts whenever they were in town or nearby. It’s been so cool to share the stage with some of our idols.

What bands or artists inspire you?
A lot of us are really into the older stuff. Zeppelin, Hendrix, Rage Against The Machine, Beastie Boys, Weather Report, Stevie Wonder. As far as current bands…Kings Of Leon have really proved that making great music, and grinding it out playing live is where it’s at. They have that brother and lifelong connection that I feel we have in this band. I think that goes a long way on the road.

Are you playing any UK festivals over the summer?
We’re in the process of planning our summer. We’d love to get over there, the music and festival culture in the UK is unmatched. There are no better festivals in the world, we would love to be a part of that, both as a band, and as enormous fans of music.

What are your plans for the UK?

Music. Beer. Beer. Music. No really….ummm…making sure I miss my flight back home to Toronto!

DWW will be hitting UK shores – check them out!:
31st March – London Water Rats
Friday 1st April – Manchester Deaf Institute
Saturday 2nd April – Middlesbrough Empire




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