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Exclusive interview with The Plain White T’s!

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Exclusive interview with The Plain White T’s!

RHV’s Adam Smith caught up with the guys from Plain White Tees to have a chat about young chubby girls giving lapdances. Read on!

1. Hi, Where are you right now?
We’re in a hotel room in London, basically relaxing and drinking a lot of coke!

2. Your latest single, `Rhythm of Love’ sees guitarist Tim Lopez taking over the lead vocals. What has the feedback for the single been like?
Amazing, In America, the video is on constant rotation on VH1, MTV etc and the single has reached the top 25 on several radio stations. We’re really pleased with how it’s being received.

3. You’ve headlined shows with Boys Like Girls and Cartel in 2008, and appeared at the Give It A Name and Leeds Festivals. Do you prefer the more intimate gigs, or the bigger stages?
Both are amazing, but it generally depends on the crowd. We played Leeds/Reading twice, and in 2008 we played on the same day as Metallica; let’s put it this way, Metallica fans didn’t want to hear `Hey There Delilah’. Plus, there were other heavy bands that shared the stage and I don’t think we were really suited to the line-up. But, our Reading performance in 2007 was unbelievable. People were on sat on the shoulders of others and everyone sang along. We couldn’t believe the response, and it ranks as one of our favourite performances ever. It really does depend on the crowd because as much as we enjoy intimate shows, we would love to play a stadium full of fans singing along to our songs.

4. How excited are you for your gig at London’s Islington Academy later this month?
We’re very excited. With our new album, our main goal was to return to Europe. We haven’t toured here in a long time and we seem to receive a large amount of press coverage here, which is great.

5. Your new album ‘Wonders of the Younger’ is released in the forthcoming months. How would you describe the overall sound of the album?
It has a much bigger sound and there is a really grand scope within the album. The production is richer and the song writing is more advanced. I think it’s more creative than usual; it’s artistic but still catchy as hell!

6. What artists do you believe have influenced your sound the most?
We love our main groups: The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and U2. But, we can hear a song on the radio that can instantly inspire us. In our music, there are a lot of reference points; Johnny Cash and Weezer in particular. We can hear a certain aspect of a Weezer track which will alter our approach to song writing. They’re one of our favourite bands.

7. What upcoming bands would you recommend?

AM Taxi are one of the best new bands around right now. They have the whole Bruce Springsteen thing going on, and are similar to The Gaslight Anthem. The Young Veins are another band that I would recommend; they have a 60’s throwback vibe to them and their songs are constantly stuck in my head.

8. You’ve played the Warped Tour in the past, but do you believe it is as significant as it once was, and are the British fans missing out?
When we did it, it was insane! The headliners were Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance and there was so much excitement in the crowd, which was great for us. Over the years, it has lost a bit of its momentum and it maybe isn’t as important as it once was. The British have a lot of festivals and headline tours to attend anyway, so I don’t think that they’re really missing out on much.

9. What were your occupations before The Plain White T’s were established?
Odd Jobs! We worked as bellmen in hotels, Subway restaurants and cinemas. Luckily, we became successful and since the age of 21, none of us have needed to work. It’s awesome.

10. What’s the best piece of fan mail that you’ve ever received?
A few years ago, before MySpace really took off, a girl kept leaving comments on our MySpace account which said that she wanted to give us all lap dances. It turned out that she was young and chubby but we got our lap dances! Another example that wasn’t really fan mail happened when we toured the East Coast of America, where a mother and daughter attended our shows. Basically, the mother kept showing us photos of her daughter in her underwear, asking us to “bang her”.

11. `Hey There Delilah’ was obviously an enormous hit for you, and had a worldwide impact. Do you ever feel the need to distance yourselves from it?
We still play it twice everyday! It’s always in our set lists. We can’t argue with its success because at least people know us now. To hear people singing along and loving the song really is amazing.

12. Finally, what is the greatest part of being in The Plain White T’s?
It’s tough to choose the greatest part, but there are the girls, the money and so many great things; playing music every night is pretty damn nice. Having reached where we are, our lives are stress-less. This body of work gives us a really relaxed attitude and we feel very lucky.

The new single from The Plain White T’s is released on Monday 3rd October and their album `Wonders of the Younger’ follows on Monday 18th October.

Interview by Adam Smith




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