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Interview: Dan Searle from Architects

January 9, 2011 by  

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Interview: Dan Searle from Architects

RHV’s Adam Smith caught up with Architects’ drummer Dan Searle.

How are you and where are you right now?

I’m good. At the moment, I’m just relaxing at home and enjoying a break. I’ve been back since December and enjoying the time out.

This must make a nice change from conducting interviews all over the country then?

Yeah, definitely! We have a massive set of tour dates coming up and it’s good to take advantage of the free time that we do have.

The new album ‘The Here and Now’ shows a clear change in direction; was this your aim? Or, did it just happen during the writing process?

We first started with a very heavy album and we were holding back from creating softer music.  In the end, we did what we wanted to and focused on new melodies. The album is definitely more melodic than our previous work, and it all came naturally. We realise that some of our fans won’t enjoy it as much as earlier releases, but we have a broad fan base and can’t appease everyone;  It’s not as if we’re going to beg fans of deathcore to enjoy it.

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Are there any bands that influenced you on this album?

I get asked this quite often, but there were no specific bands that influenced us. Certain styles of music inspired us, but on the whole, we’re like a heavy band that is influenced by soft bands. Coldplay and really euphoric music is something that we enjoy, though melody has existed in our previous albums. Hollow Crown was soft in parts, especially the title track and ‘In Elegance’; we simply expanded on these elements in our new record.

Do you think that Architects could break into the mainstream? ‘Day In Day Out’ has received airtime on Radio One and Bring Me The Horizon are one band from your musical background that seem to become more popular every day.

We could end up being big but we just want to take it as it comes and see what happens. It would be great if the new album took us to a new level. Currently, we’re at a point where we’re not expecting to become huge, but can’t rule it out either.  I guess people would call us “sell-outs” or whatever, yet that doesn’t bother us. I certainly think that we can reach the level that Bring Me The Horizon are at now.

You headlined the Rock Sound tour last year, where you played London’s Koko venue; what was that like?

I can easily say that it was the best experience of my life. To see 1500 people going absolutely crazy was unbelievable. London has always provided us with great gigs and we seem to be at another level of popularity there. We wish that we could play London all of the time, and while the rest of that tour was great for us, the reaction in London was something special.

Would you say that the Koko gig is your favourite ever with Architects?

Yes! There was a great range of bands with us on that tour and to see the response we gained from the crowd was jaw-dropping. The sound guys at the side of the stage were just staring at us in disbelief. The reaction was something that I had just never seen before.  Taking bands like Devil Sold His Soul and Norma Jean, who are one band that have inspired us for years, was certainly great for us.

It must have been refreshing for you to take British bands on tour with you, especially after seeing the advantages of supporting bands in the past.

Definitely, it was cool to have such great support acts. We’ve benefitted from supporting some cool bands in the past; playing the Never Say Die tour in 2008 with Parkway Drive was certainly something that proved to really boost us. And, going round the UK with A Day To Remember was another tour that helped us a lot. We seem to have played our cards right when it comes to finding support slots.

How does it feel to be supporting Bring Me The Horizon in April? The line-up is absolutely unbelievable.

Well, Bring Me The Horizon’s manager approached us in the US over summer and asked if we would be interested in supporting them along with Parkway Drive and The Devil Wears Prada, and we were just like: “fucking hell! How can all of us be free at the same time?” We’re good friends with the guys in Parkway Drive and Bring Me The Horizon, and we’ve toured with both of them in the US as well as the UK. It’s amazing to think that we’re playing London’s Brixton Academy with Bring Me The Horizon after touring with them in much smaller venues only three years ago.

Finally, are there any bands that you can recommend people to listen to?

Lower Than Atlantis and a band from California called Letlive. I think that people assume we’re Letlive’s managers or something because of how much we talk about them. They’re playing with Your Demise in the UK soon too.




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