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INTERVIEW: Danny Stevens from The Audition

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INTERVIEW: Danny Stevens from The Audition

On a warm summer’s evening in Brighton, in the lull between soundcheck and gig, RHV journalist Diana Madej caught up Danny Stevens – frontman for the Chicago-based pop-rock band The Audition.

Hi Danny! What are you going to play tonight?
We’d like to play a little bit from each album. The ‘Chapter II’ hasn’t been released here yet, so we want to play tracks that the crowd will be familiar with.

‘Chapter II’ is your newest release. Is it different from your other albums?
It’s not totally that far from the other albums, but it’s very rock and roll. With everything we do, we try to progress and everything we write is kind of a reflection of a time. It’s always somewhat different.

Who was mainly working on this album?
It was me, our guitar player Tim and drummer Ryan.

The line up changed a lot since the band was formed in 2003. Is it final now?
I fucking hope so! It’s a nightmare when it changes a lot.

Who writes the lyrics?
That’s me.

And the music?
That’s collective, we all work on it together.

Where do you find the inspiration?
Ohhhhh… Haha! In women who fucked me over! There’ve been two in particular…!

Do you prefer smaller audiences or bigger?
I’m more comfortable playing in front of twenty thousand people than in front of twenty. It’s easier to control the bigger crowd!

If you look back, did you expect that you will come this far with the band?
I had no idea. I was 18 years old and I just wanted to be in a band, and leave home. I wasn’t thinking about the future!

Is there a difference between American and British fans?
Yeah, people actually care about music over here! Rock’n’roll is a lot bigger in the UK. You have rock’n’roll festivals, which we don’t. So many bands spend their whole summer doing the festival circuit in the UK and across Europe. It’s not a bad way to spend your summer!

What are your plans for the future?
After this tour, we are pretty much taking some time off. And in the fall we will try to come back here. We also want to play in mainland Europe and Australia. Hopefully that will work out.

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