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INTERVIEW: Frank Major, Disturbia Clothing

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INTERVIEW: Frank Major, Disturbia Clothing

We caught up with Frank Major, the designer behind the gloriously twisted Disturbia t-shirt range. And, he loves RedHotVelvet so much, that he’s given us some FREE t-shirts to give away to you guys!

To be in with a chance of winning, add RedHotVelvet as a friend on Facebook, and post the URL in your status update bar.

Winners will be picked at random!

What inspired your first Disturbia design?
It was our Mickey tee, and I wanted to do a metal-influenced, twisted, dead mickey mouse-esque skull! It was inspired by the thinking that popular culture is dead.

How did you start up Disturbia?
I started Disturbia in 2003 after graduating from a fashion degree from the university of Northumbria. At uni I was predominantly interested in textile design, so applying these graphics to t-shirts seemed like the most natural and marketable progression.

What’s the process from getting an idea to selling it online?
When ideas arrive I scribble them down in my notebook, and usually forget about them, and move onto the next. Then after a while I’ll come back to them to decide which artist would be most apt to bring this to life. Then after a process of sketches, the design gets inked. I then receive the artwork and prepare films for screen printing, and them the sampling process begins. Once we’re happy with the sampling – ie print size, colours etc – the design will be OK’d to to be part of our next line, and will eventually end up online. Et voila!

Who’s your favourite famous customer?
Well, both Slash and the Prodigy were lovely people to deal with!

Do any of your shirts give a political message?
When Disturbia first began our message was a lot more political, mainly using slogans and wordplay to demonstrate various point. These days there still is a political slant, but not as much as it used to be. Examples of this are ‘I Want Out’ being about war and oil, ‘No Brainer’ is about the recession, and ‘Master/Slave’ is about credit card debt.

Which is your favourite design?
I love our Fear & Loathing design. The artwork is phenomenally detailed. Each time you look at it you notice something new. Also, the way it looks printed is just awesome. It’s really sharp and the print just pops.

You do create some accessories – will this area expand? Bikinis could work well, no?
Possibly! We are gradually expanding the line, and are concentrating on new jackets, like our extremely popular Varsity hoodies. Other than that, there will be more art prints, and hopefully some hats soon too!

Why do you think Disturbia’s designs are currently so popular?
I think the artists we use are extremely talented, and the concepts behind the shirts use imagery and ideas that you won’t necessarily see any where else, so this obviously helps us to stand apart from our competition. Great shirt and print quality are also really important. Gradual word of mouth, ads, visibility in stores also help spread the message.

Who would you like to see wearing your t-shirts?
The best feeling is when you see someone on the street wearing Disturbia. Makes you really proud. Other than that, I think Jimi Hendrix would have looked cool in some of our tees!

What can we expect in the future from Disturbia?
Lots more amazing tees, new cut and sew pieces, such as a Biker jacket-style hoody, denim jacket, art prints, and lots more cool bits and pieces. So be sure to keep up to date with this awesomeness by following us on twitter @disturbiatees, and on, as well as at!




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