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Featured Interview: Terror

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Featured Interview: Terror

RedHotVelvet’s Adam Smith caught up with Nick Jett, the drummer from Terror!

1. How has the tour been for you guys, particularly with the tour having such a diverse line-up?

It’s been good, and it’s very cool to play music to new people. As well as this, being able to see how all of the bands bring different people out to the shows is great. It seems like all of the bands originate from different scenes and genres and it means our music can be heard by a totally new crowd.

2. Chain tours seem to be common in the metal and hardcore musical landscapes; what are your feelings on that?
It’s pretty cool, but I guess us playing on large bills with bands from different genres can have an effect on those Terror fans that simply want to see hardcore shows. Although, I think our fans should realise that supporting Terror will mean going to a metal show, and will mean seeing a variety of genres; it isn’t a bad thing.

3. Your new album, `Keepers of the Faith’, was released last month; what has the reaction been like?
I think the new album is definitely our most exciting release and the reactions have been great so far. People have been singing the songs already and we’re really proud and excited to be able to play them every night.

4. The album was produced by Chad Gilbert from New Found Glory, what was it like to work with him?
Chad’s a good friend of ours and he knows a lot about song writing. He’s very good at building a song from top to bottom, regardless of whether he’s doing it for his own band or for us. Chad helped us mainly with our song structures, because he has great production skills and he offered ways of improving our tracks that we sometimes can’t see ourselves.

5. Are there any new bands that you can recommend to listeners?
There’s a lot of awesome bands out there right now, from America and all over the world. Bands that definitely deserve shout-outs are: Backtrack from Long Island, New Jersey, a band called Take Offence and another great band: Alpha and Omega.

6. Best piece of fan mail?
Well, we receive thousands of tattoo photos from our fans, which is really incredible. Seeing that our fans have had our lyrics tattooed on them is an especially cool thing, because you can really see the true meaning behind them.

7. What was your occupation before Terror formed?
My life has always been driven by music, and it’s been my main interest since my days in school. I took a year out of high school and music has dominated my life ever since.

8. Do you have any pre-gig rituals?
I know a lot of drummers who like to do lots of stretching and exercise, but I don’t! Usually, I’ll do nothing but sit around and drink energy drinks.

9. Any advice to new bands?
I think bands should just play their instruments as much as possible. Tools like MySpace are useful, but I think that bands should view their live performances as the most important part of being in a band. It’s great to have thousands of online plays or whatever, but I’ve always been a firm believer that bands should regard their gigs as the base of their appeal; what happens in a live setting is the most important thing to me.

10. What is the greatest part of being in Terror?
To be honest, not having a real job is pretty great! But, to be able to play music and visit places all over the world is also awesome for us. We’ve been to so many different countries that we never expect to visit. We even went to Japan, which was absolutely surreal and totally different to what we’re used to.



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