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INTERVIEW with Left Side Brain

August 26, 2010 by  

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INTERVIEW with Left Side Brain

We caught up with Left Side Brain’s drummer, Ryan to talk about their new Best Of album, jelly and how to last ten years in the business…

Are you pleased with your Best Of CD?
Totally. As a band we’d happily admit that we’re fans of our own music. Sitting down and picking the absolute best songs for the release was a blast in itself. I’m really proud of all our albums, but I’m confident we’ve managed to simmer them down to a collection of songs that really represent what LSB are all about. Riffs. Rocked super hard with melodies & harmonies bolted on.

Which is your favourite track and why?
Right now, I’d say Well Well Well. As a drummer it’s massive fun to play. I think it’s a really complete song where the structure has really worked well and it has a monster beat down middle section. We put a lot of energy and love into every song we do and so I love every track on it like a limb. If you asked me again tomorrow, the answer may well be different.

You’re having a 10th anniversary event. What will be happening for it?
I’m not ruling out balloons and jelly at this stage, but plans so far are for a big celebratory gig in Bristol. We’ve got a bunch of bands and friends we’ve made in the last 10 years playing with us. There may well be booze.

You’ve got a number of support groups playing – who are you most looking forward to seeing live?
Every act that night will kick total ass. I say ‘act’ because as well as bands we have our good buddy and one-man acoustic rock machine Oxygen Thief on the bill too. He always delivers. I’m probably most looking forward to seeing Dutch Schultz though. I’m the only one in the band who hasn’t seen them before, but I’m expecting them to set the bar pretty high .

Why do you think Left Side Brain have survived for 10 years?
There are no egos in the band and almost everything gets done as a team. We’ve also always really valued every milestone and not been frustrated that the next doesn’t come quickly enough.

What advice would you give to upcoming bands?
Aside from all the obvious stuff like getting as good as you can, I’d say learn to enjoy every aspect of being in a band. There’s going to be a lot of waiting around in shitty venues and a lot of long journeys in vans with a stinky drummer and a lot of meandering around deserted motorway service station as well as some shows. If you can see all that as part of the adventure of being in a band, all the success and extra excitement beyond that will seem even better.

Which bands have you drawn inspiration from over the years?
Anything that has the magic double of huge guitars and melody has driven us to this point; Helmet, Deftones, Weezer, Therapy?, Handsome, Kerbdog, Sugar, The Wildhearts…. We’re also suckers for some stoner groove in LSB, so bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Scissorfight and Workhorse Movement have all influenced us in their own way too.

What is next for Left Side Brain?
We’re writing again and it’s exciting. The moment when we know a song is going in the right direction is when it starts to make us laugh and there’s been a fair bit of that. We’re still getting better as a band and hope that that will come across in our next recording, probably an EP, which we’re aiming to do next year.

www.leftsidebrain.com // www.myspace.com/leftsidebrain




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