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INTERVIEW: Dance4Daddy

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INTERVIEW: Dance4Daddy

RHV: Tell us who you are and where you're from?.
Akin - Heavily Influenced by Disco, Funk, Jazz and African beats, Dance4daddy is a collective of British twenty-somethings (Akin, Charles and Mike) who love soulful funky house and are big fans of huge uplifting vocals. Remember Morales, Martha Wash and Susu Bobien? D4D aim to present the next generation of these greats…UK style. So, we have a whole load of amazing guest vocalists coming your way!

RHV: Describe your music.
Moscomusic - Our music is about going back to that big vocal great soulful house of old that many people associate with the US, but there are a lot of artists doing it here in the UK as well. Its like Morales or DJ Spen from north London for the 2010s!

RHV: Tell us how the band formed in three sentences.
Akin - We all met from various other projects. I was a house music writer for a while having been part of a band called Eternal Sunshine travelling the world during which he met Mike. Charles was doing his thing as a Mobo-nominated gospel singer when their worlds collided on a charity compilation album. We all met and felt we had the passion and ingredients to create a UK version of music we felt was only coming out of the US and here we are…

RHV: What did you do before you were in a band?
Akin-I’m a songwriter and I’ve written for Liberty X, Mica Paris amongst others. Charles-I was in a foursome four Kornerz as an energetic front man/songwriter. Moscomusic -I’m a producer and DJ and his residencies have included nightclubs from Bagley's Warehouse to Zap, from South Africa to New Zealand. Akin - Moscomusic has supported many top brand DJ's including Paul Oakenfold, Danny Rampling, Eric Morillo, Joey Negro, Boy George etc

RHV: List the first CDs/records each of you bought.
Akin - Vinyl of ‘Runaway Love’ (not the one by Justin Bieber! Linda Clifford!)
Charles – Madonna ‘Holiday’
Moscomusic - Michael Jackson ‘Off The Wall’

RHV: What's the band up to over the next few months?
Charles - We take it one day at a time but at the moment, lots of PAs for our debut single Another Day which is released on 7 June, including a live acoustic version on BBC Oxford on 6 June - just to prove we’re a real band! We release ‘Dancing For Daddy’ the following week and then a commonwealth games uplifting anthem ‘Make It Happen’ with an amazing vocalist called Mercy in September. We’ve got songs coming out of our ears and we got big plans for soulful house in the UK and after this maybe the world!

RHV: Best item of fan mail you've ever received?
Moscomusic -We haven’t really received crazy fan mail yet but we have some pretty keen fans on facebook/myspace and some of them leave us a comment virtually every week!

RHV: What music do you have on repeat in the tourbus?
Akin-We have no tour buses yet but when we ride around between gigs we listen to from Deadmau5 to Susu Bobien to disco. Oh, we love our disco! Anything on Unknown or Passion FM.

RHV: What gear do you use?
Akin-Whatever we can lay our hands on! With digital technology we just need a laptop and something simple like Ableton and we’re ready to go!

RHV: What's your best on tour story?
Charles- Being in a BBC battle-of-the-bands type competition and our backing track wouldn’t play and the back-up CD skipped! That was embarrassing! But we still came second so we must have done something right.

RHV: What do you demand on your rider?
Akin- Not much. Warm water. We are very modest - at the moment! Really depends on the vocalist featuring on our song. Jacy Mai loves anything with peanut covered in chocolate!

RHV: What's your website?



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