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INTERVIEW: Jimmy British

November 19, 2009 by  

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INTERVIEW: Jimmy British

RHV: Tell us who you are and where you're from?.
Jimmy British from South London. I am releasing my debut single 'I C U Girl' which features Whisper (also from South London).

RHV: Describe your music.
JB: The music I produce is from a range of hip hop, house , grime and dance. It all really depends on how I feel at the time. The music I produce is all from emotion. 
Whisper: I don't just focus on one specific genre of music. I love all types of music so i make songs that I feel sound good and that work alongside the story I'm trying to tell, or the sound I'm trying to achieve. People do class me as a rapper which is fine, but rappers are usually associated purely with hip hop and grime music and that's just not me, i do so much more. Although i do involve myself in these genres, it doesn't mean i mirror everybody else in the scene, walking around with my trousers round my ankles wearing a hoody, that couldn't be any further from the truth. That's why I'm so eager for people to hear all my stuff. I love house music and I'm planning on producing my own very soon.

RHV: Tell us how the band formed in three sentences.
JB: The artist on my label are P= , Eyes, Edizzle a producer, Bonkers and myself. We formed when we were young and I used to produce for friends around the area at the age of 14. I met Whisper when I went to Brit School and then we formed together to collaborate on songs where he wrote to my instrumentals. I currently produce music for all of the artists on my label. 
Whisper: I met Jimmy at the Brit School where we were both studying broadcasting. To be honest, the kid's a bit weird and he wouldn't leave me alone! He started to hassle me to make music with him, I think he was a bit obsessed! No, I'm joking of course, we just became friends and we shared a passion for creating great music and well, here we are.

RHV: What did you do before you were in a band?
JB: I used to make instrumentals. Whisper: I studied broadcasting as my plan was to enter the radio industry in the future. However, my first love has always been music which was put on the back burner as i just wanted to get my education out the way first.

RHV: List the first CDs/records each of you bought.
JB: Marshal Mathers LP by Eminem and The So Solid Crew First album which is a classic. 
Whisper: The first CD i bought with was 'A grand don't come for free' by Mike Skinner (The Streets). I remember being lent his first album and I loved it, id never heard anything like it before, so when his second album came out I had to get it. The track 'blinded by the lights' is one of my top three favourite songs ever and I still have the CD in my car to this day. As it’s a concept album I remember specifically sitting down and listening to it all the way through like an audio book, gasping at the end when you actually find out what happen to his money!

RHV: What's the band up to over the next few months?
JB: What we have planned in the next few months is to keep recording material and bring out my second single whilst I work with other artists producing instrumentals for them. 
Whisper: After the release of 'I.C.U Girl' I'm going to get to work on my next release with a track I recorded some time ago. I have big, BIG plans.

RHV: Best item of fan mail you've ever received?
JB: 10 lollipops 
Whisper: I received an email from a lady in America. She asked why she hadn't heard of me, where she could buy my music and what label I was signed to. After telling her I was only 15, and that I just uploaded the songs for free she said that she was really shocked. I walked around with a pretty big head for a few days after that email...until my mum gave me a clip round the ear for being cocky!

RHV: What music do you have on repeat in the tourbus?
JB: Rick Ross all albums and Scientis Dub all albums. 
Whisper: The new Deadmouse (sic) album called 'For a lack of a better name', Its epic. I love it. The track "Strobe" is definitely the tune of the year.

RHV: What gear do you use?
JB: Logic pro system and Pro Tools. 
Whisper: I haven't started producing music just yet, so at this moment in time all I use personally is a microphone, a fully equipped studio and a mind full of rhythmic knowledge.

RHV: What do you demand on your rider?
Whisper: Oh not alot, a few bottles of Champagne, served only at 45 degrees Fahrenheit, Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam will do. A fine selection of Sushi dishes and a masseuse to loosen up the tension in my shoulders. Yeah right, just chuck me a mars bar, a can of red bull and stick on some tunes and I’ll be happy.



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