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Perhaps better known as the guitarist from hardcore punkers Building Better Bombs, P.O.S is also a rapper and a founding member of the Doomtree Crew. After releasing ‘Audition’ in 2006 to much acclaim, 2009 brings ‘Never Better’, a master class in music, and we’ve been fortunate enough to catch a few words with the man himself.

RHV: How does it feel to already have some recognition on the radio in the UK?

P.O.S: “I wasn’t aware I had much recognition! It feels good.”

RHV: Your music is instantly distinguishable from anything the mainstream – was that your intention, or is just how things worked out?

P.O.S.: “That was the intention. I really wanted to make something different, difficult even, both for me and the fans I already know I have. I feel like if I’m going to “make it” or something, I want it to be on my own terms, not bent to fit, if you know what I mean?”

RHV: Where do you draw inspiration from?

PO.S.: “Mostly from being awake, looking and trying to listen to the way people treat each other, patterns in the way I am to myself and my friends. Goods and bads. I don’t know man.”

RHV: The packaging and artwork for ‘Never Better’ is fantastic – where did that idea come from?

P.O.S. “Thank you. Me and Eric Carlson (the artist) wanted to make something that could be changed at the whim or will of the listener. The overall theme of the record is to do something with yourself – make something, try something out. It seemed really fitting to try to make art that could fit that theme.”

RHV: How did you get into rap after being involved in punk rock?

P.O.S.: “I grew up with both. It wasn’t really a matter of getting in to one after the other. I’m still in a band (Building Better Bombs). I always rapped – I started taking it more serious after high school when my first band broke up so people could go to college. I wanted to rap because I didn’t need anyone else to do help. Rappers don’t break up.”

RHV: How important are your punk rock roots to the music you’re making now?

P.O.S.: “Very. I didn’t realise the shit I made was really all that different until people started telling me. It’s in the energy I think. At first I was going for old Ice Cube Bomb Squad beats mixed with EL-P and Dr. Dre. I like noise in music a lot, but it still has to bang.”

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