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INTERVIEW: Violent Soho

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INTERVIEW: Violent Soho

RHV: Tell us who you are and where you're from?.
We are a band from Mansfield, Queensland Australia called violent SohoWe are a band from Mansfield, Queensland Australia called Violent Soho

RHV: Describe your music.
We like to call our music stoner pop. 4 chord pop songs played after a few bucket bongs.

RHV: Tell us how the band formed in three sentences.
We started messing around in Michael's parents garage while they were at church, then we recorded a demo and started to try and get some shows around Brisbane. (Ed: Or one sentence is fine too!)

RHV: What did you do before you were in a band?
Worked dead end jobs at night, go to school and try and get wasted on the weekends.

RHV: List the first CDs/records each of you bought.
James: Greenday - Dookie
Luke Boerdam: Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire
Michael: Jebediah Of Someday Shambles
Henery: Snoopdog - Doggy Style

RHV: What's the band up to over the next few months?
We just finished a national us tour with the bronx and now we have a few festivals to play before going to london to play at great escape Thursday 13th of May at Gaymers Hectors and play a show with the Japanese voyeurs at Monarch on May 10th in London. After that we fly to des moines in the us to play Lazerfest Fest on the 16th May, then we get to go home to Mansfield for the first time since October and do a small tour for 2 weeks then fly to chicago to play lollopalooza should be rad fun!

RHV: Best item of fan mail you've ever received?
Once we got sent a VHS tape of a group of girls and their whole trip coming to the festival we played at including them swiming with dolphins

RHV: What music do you have on repeat in the tourbus?
Well just got our first tour manager Chris and he has been showing us a lot of great American bands like western, Les savy fav. Personally i've been listening to grown ups

RHV: What gear do you use?
Guitars, amps, drums all that shit

RHV: What's your best on tour story?
On an Australian tour a few years back James and Michael had to drive the gear to Sydney but on the way they decided to take tripstasey and got lost driving and ended up driving 4 hours longer than they needed to and had to stay at a hotel 2 hours out of Sydney

RHV: What do you demand on your rider?
We normally just want some beers but we have always wished for socks

RHV: What's your website?



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