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How To Get Free Backstage Passes


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1. Tell us who you are and where you’re from.: We’re a 4 piece band from around London.

2. Describe your music.: Intersteller, indie, pscho, rock and roll. Loads of influences, Smiths, Bowie, Verve etc. Everyone hates this question.

3. Tell us how the band formed in three sentences.: We were all in other bands that split up because of various problems, some of us knew each other so we joined forces, we found this crazy danish bass player on gumtree, and we all wanted to play cool guitar music.

4. What did you do before you were in a band?: Studied,worked in a book shop, played guitar and in other bands, and went out a lot.


5. List the first CDs/records each of you bought.: Pulp “A Different Class”, The Best Of “James”

6. What’s the band up to over the next few months?: Got a single coming out end of November, doing a tour with The View, writing, doing this interview, gigging, going out a lot.

7. Best item of fan mail you’ve ever received?: I’m not cool enough to get fan mail.

8. What music do you have on repeat in the tourbus? : Probably Surfing Bird and Africa by Toto. Maybe Beatles Sargent Pepper

9. What gear do you use?: Loads of pedals, fender strat, fender blues deville amp, lots of picks

10. What’s your best on-tour story?: I can’t remember, and it wouldn’t be good if I could.

11. What do you demand on your rider?: Tea.

12. What’s your website?: http://www.myspace.com/wheelsmyspace



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