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How To Get Free Backstage Passes


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1. Tell us who you are and where you’re from.: Jesse: (lead vocals/guitar) – We are Zeropunk, a heavy electronic rock band from Hertfordshire, UK. Our names are Jesse, Gid, George and Andrew.

2. Describe your music.: Energetic, heavy, futuristic, ambient rock music with electronic elements and soundscapes created by synthesizers and samples, vocals, guitars, bass and drums.

3. Tell us how the band formed in three sentences.: The band first formed in September 2007 as a 3-piece in a rehearsal space in North-West London, after I had the idea brooding on my mind for years to form a band with a new distinctive, futuristic rock sound. I put out an advert for a drummer and after a few auditions, then found one that suited the band’s style. Together with Jesse’s brother on bass, they formed the first line-up of Zeropunk.

4. What did you do before you were in a band?: I was a full time freelance audio engineer during day time, and a DJ at night.


5. List the first CDs/records each of you bought.: The first CD I bought was ‘Nevermind’ by Nirvana.

George’s first record was ‘Sex & Religion’ by Steve Vai.

Gid’s first record was ‘Pump Up The Jam’ -by Technotronic.

Andrew’s first CD was some ’90s dance compilation that he can’t remember the name.

6. What’s the band up to over the next few months?: Writing and recording loads of new material, and organizing a UK tour. A new EP will be on the way as well at some point later this year.

7. Best item of fan mail you’ve ever received?: A guy in Florida telling us how he loves the music so much that he wants to promote us out there and all over the States. He did start to promote us, but we’re not sure where he’s at right now because we can’t even get hold of him anymore.

8. What music do you have on repeat in the tourbus? : Tourbus? What tourbus??

At the moment we’ve got an album called ‘Songs From The Sea’ by iNation, Noisia’s debut album ‘Split the Atom’, some random dark and dirty drum n bass, and Massive Attack’s Best Of on frequent rotation.

9. What gear do you use?: For guitars we use Diezel Amps into Mesa cabinets, Paul Reed Smith, Jackson, and Ibanez guitars with TC Electronic, Boss and MXR effects. For drums, we have a Roland SPD-S sampler, Tama drums with various brands of cymbals. As for bass, Warwick bass guitars played through Boss and Ibanez pedals into a Gallien-Krueger head with an Ampeg cab.

10. What’s your best on-tour story?: We were on our way back from a gig in Bristol, and we had a lot of gear stashed in our cars, of which one was a large cable trunk case with barely anything inside of it at the time. It was very late after the gig, we were very tired and we had hastily swung all our gear into the cars. So we’re driving down the M4 making our way back home and we hear a weird ‘knocking’ noise coming from the back of my car’s boot. At this point we thought it was two of our cases hitting each other, but it kept on going even when the car was stationary. By the time we had cleared about a third of our journey, the noise was still there, and me and George were freaking out! We decided to stop at the next service station to have a look what the noise was. We could hear the sound was clearly coming from one of the cases behind us, so we opened up the cable trunk case, only to find one of the punters from the gig snugly all curled up inside! The guy climbed out, got on his feet and just walked off saying “Cheers guys!”. We didn’t stop him to ask what on earth he was doing in there, as we didn’t want him coming back to the car. At that moment we just wanted to figure out how he’d even got in there without us noticing!

11. What do you demand on your rider?: Food and beer… a six-pack of Dr Pepper cans, each time without fail. Some Baby Bell cheese, a pack of Smarties, some Werther’s Originals…oh, and lastly…one of those roller-diner waitresses on rollerskates from the ’60s serving us cups of coffee.

Just kidding, as long as we have some water and sandwiches, we’ll be quite satisfied. A hot meal once in a while is never a bad idea either.

12. What’s your website?:



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