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INTERVIEW: Japanese Voyeurs

January 19, 2010 by  

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Japanese Voyeurs

RHV: Tell us who you are and where you're from?.
Hello. We are Japanese Voyeurs from London and Leeds.

RHV: Describe your music.

RHV: Tell us how the band formed in three sentences.
Group of friends. Like rock music. Play instruments.

RHV: What did you do before you were in a band?
We've pretty much all been in bands since we left school.

RHV: List the first CDs/records each of you bought.
Iron Maiden - Number Of The Beast! Offspring - Conspiracy Of One. Boyzone and Slipknot.

RHV: What's the band up to over the next few months?
Touring and recording.

RHV: Best item of fan mail you've ever received?
A nice dinosaur poster.

RHV: What music do you have on repeat in the tourbus?
Alice In Chains, ZZ Top, Witch, Low, QUOTSA

RHV: What gear do you use?
A Fender Mustang (because it's light and I'm a weakling) with a bassman amp, which is supposed to be a bass amp- hence the name- but I like it for guitar because it sounds brutal. Also, we use a Thunderbird and an RD Standard, and Musicmaster and a Fender twin amp.

RHV: What's your best on tour story?
When we supported Future Of The Left, we were given the bass at the end of the last song so their set finished with my terrible bass solo.

RHV: What do you demand on your rider?
Small kittens, puppy dogs, roses and jelly beans. And lots of lube.

RHV: What's your website?



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