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Kanye Gets In On Someone Else’s Success Again

November 15, 2010 by  

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Kanye Gets In On Someone Else’s Success Again

– by Sophie Carville

And this time, it’s La Roux. I don’t even know what La Roux’s been up to since her last tribute to the Eighties, and it’s been a while, but apparently word of her catchy, synthetic track ‘In For the Kill’ trickled down to reach the mighty ears of that “genius” (Rihanna’s words, not mine), Kanye West.

And what did Kanye do when he heard this track that was played to death last summer? He pondered weightily, then decided that he could make some money off it, presumably. And so we have the remix, which essentially consists of La Roux singing almost exactly the same track as before, and Kanye nicking forty or so bars of instrumental to do some of his rapping over it.

The rapping itself is typically Kanye gibberish that could just about have a meaning but you can’t really believe that it does, and has little to do with the existing content. Cohesive, rather than coherent, was the expression for it in English Language classes way back when, I believe. For instance:
I mean uhhhhhm breaking out the damn cage /
Hannibal Lector, my uh american pyscho /
An iller version of like yo /
The thriller version of Michael /
My recital is as bright as the light show at the Eiffel /
A werewolf up in Paris, I’m living off your vitals

Thanks for the insight, Kanye. Apparently our interpretations of the original song differ wildly.

Incidentally, my favourite Kanye reference of recent times has to be Dubbya Bush’s recent referral to him as ‘Conway’ – twice. Never been a big Dubbya fan or a proponent of his views, but happy to follow his lead on this one. Superbly dismissive.




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