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65DAYSOFSTATIC have switched to Silent Running

June 30, 2011 by  

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65DAYSOFSTATIC have switched to Silent Running

They might have been off the road for a little while, but in true 65Daysofstatic style, this does not mean they haven’t been creating something special once more. You might remember them soundtracking ‘Inside’ by dancer Jean Abreu earlier this year, well, they have gone and done it again. Only this time it is for a different project known as ‘Silent Running’. This sound track to the 1972 Sci-Fi film is to be performed Live at Bestival this year, but many have asked for it to be put on record. It is for this reason that they set up a way for 65lovers to pre-order the record which would in turn allow it to be made in the first place. Within 4 hours they had reach their target, so with all expectations suitably surpassed, ‘Silent Running’ will see the light of day.

65daysofstatic Silent Running Vinyl Release from 65daysofstatic on Vimeo.

Pre-order here:



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