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Ali Love releases Love Harder

August 2, 2010 by  

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Ali Love releases Love Harder

Fans of psychedelic dancefloor romance rejoice: the album of your dreams is here. We are proud and very excited to announce that August 9th heralds the release of Ali Love’s debut album Love Harder, out on Back Yard Recordings.

The name Ali Love has been flickering on music’s radar for a while, getting ever louder and more insistent. You first heard of him with the string of brilliant singles that he pumped out in 2006 and 2007, most notably the riotous K-Hole. You definitely recall his insistent vocal from the Chemical Brothers’ international hit single Do It Again. Then, at the end of last year, he returned with the yearning Italo-disco inspired ‘Diminishing Returns’, a limited-edition single which nevertheless notably topped the Hype Machine chart and also soundtracked a Skins TV ad. That was followed earlier this year by the dark, lusty pump of the towering Love Harder single, and on July 26 by ‘Smoke And Mirrors’, a single which combines the modern electronics of Daft Punk with Ali’s Prince-like vocals

None of which adequately prepares anyone for the full glittering spectrum of Ali Love’s ‘Love Harder’ album, an album that sounds more like a greatest hits collection than a debut long-player. Every track is a potential hit single. Recording in London over the last year alongside The Cazals’s Martin Dubka, Ali Love’s crafted a set of super-contagious dance-pop songs, ranging from the Tom Tom Club-ish ‘Done The Dirty’ (moral of the story: do not cheat on your girlfriend) to the twinkling, anti-anxiety funk of ‘The Night’, all the way to the epic rock-out of ‘Show Me’, which sounds like the soundtrack to the classic ’80s teen road movie that’s only previously been showing in your imagination: a John Hughes script scored by Van Halen at their peak. In between, Ali sweetly serenades alien life over Giorgio Moroder-like synths on ‘Dark Star’, invokes Donna Summer greasing up for a session with Boney M on the filthy ‘Moscow Girl’, and dials up a line to the Human League for the heart-stopping love song, ‘Talk To Tokyo’.

‘Love Harder’ is an album that’s full of both romantic longing and boggle-eyed lust, that’s influenced equally by Italian house rhythms and psychedelic vocal melodies, by vintage keyboards/drum-machines and state of the art production, by both the sounds of yesterday and the ideas of tomorrow. It’s that hour lost in melody and lust on the dancefloor, when anything is possible. It’s not just the best night out you’ve had for a while, it’s also the best night in you’ve had. You’ll want to get on board.

1) Love Harder
2) Done The Dirty
3) Diminishing Returns
4) Moscow Girl
5) Smoke & Mirrors
6) Show Me
7) Darkstar
8) Talk 2 Tokyo
9) Love In Darkness
10) The Night




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