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And these are some Frequent People

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And these are some Frequent People

Adjust your frequency and prepare to immerse yourself in the brave new musical world of Frequent People.

An innovative collective of musicians, producers, DJs and video artists that draw members from Melbourne, New York, London, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi – Frequent People shatter genres and expectations at every turn with their unique fusion of ‘Power Pop’ blending, rock and pop melodies with cutting edge electronica.

The brainchild of Natski and long-time multi-instrumentalist collaborator Chass Guthrie, Frequent People have produced a ground-breaking album that bounds through the realms of contemporary pop.

Following in the footsteps of fellow Australian musical pioneers ‘Empire of the Sun’ (Frequent People’s charismatic lead singer Natski got her performance pseudonym from Empire of the Sun’s Luke Steele) Frequent People have built an entire philosophy around their unique approach to producing music and are as much an underground movement or a secret society as a pop band. After relocating to Shoreditch, East London in 2009, Frequent People encouraged collaborators from all over the world to send sounds and samples that are incorporated into their electrifying live shows and their eponymous debut album tears up the rule book with 10 tracks that reinvent pop and electro as we know it.

Co-Produced by Pete ‘Boxsta’ Martin and mixed by Yoad Nevo, the album fuses cutting-edge electro with guitar from Simon Hosford, Haydn Meggitt on drums and features contributions from successful UK songwriters such as Steve Lee and Deborah Ffrench and ARIA award winning Australian musician Robert Parde as well as high-octane remixes by Doof Nation, drum and bass artist BLX and Melbourne based electronic artist Kman. Respected UK DJ and producer Calvertron will also feature on a cutting edge remix of their upcoming single, Superhero.

Indeed Frequent People’s musical manifesto encourages their fans from all over the world to submit musical ideas, digital art and even viral videos of their fans unique ‘superpowers’ to their cutting-edge website which has become a haven for original thinkers and their ultimate aim is to create the world’s biggest collective musical collaboration! Fans are invited to become one of the ‘Freq-y People’ by joining up on social networks such as Facebook also.

So retune your musical perspective and prepare yourself for a whole new way of looking at pop and electro music – because with Frequent People, the revolution starts here and the whole world is invited.



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