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Basshunter on his serial masturbation problem

June 25, 2010 by  

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Basshunter on his serial masturbation problem

Check out this week’s Pocket TV episode where Basshunter talks about his serial masturbation problem, celebrity Big Brother and waxing his nether regions.

On masturbation…..
• Matt Edmonson: “When you were in Big Brother you admitted to having a masturbation problem…”
• BassHunter: “I knew it. I said my mouth would get the better of me”
• Matt Edmonson: “So you used your mouth?”
• BassHunter: “This interview just gets better”
• Matt Edmonson: “25 times a day you said!”
• BassHunter: “Yeah I think I just have a good factory down there”
• Matt Edmonson: “Those guys are working hard”

You can watch the full interview here:

On girls…
• Matt Edmonson: “Are you fussy about picking the girls for your video?”
• BassHunter: “There were 80 girls lined up for the shoot and I picked 20 errrrrrrr but we needed 4…..”

On Celebrity Big Brother…
• Matt Edmonson: “If I had a cannon and you could fire someone from the Celeb Big Brother house out of it into a heap of guts, who would it be?”
• BassHunter: “Ivana. A woman like Ivana turning up for a show like Big Brother is impressive”

On waking up as a woman…
• Matt Edmonson:: “If you woke up in the morning and found out you were a woman what would you do?”
• BassHunter: “I would probably screw someone then try masturbating. If you are a woman you can find out all the good things to do to women. So I’d take advantage of myself”

On male waxing….
• Matt Edmonson: “Do you think its ok for men to wax their nether regions?”
• BassHunter: “Oh yes I do it all the time”

Buzzer dings TRUE
• Matt Edmonson: “Do you get someone to do it?”
• BassHunter: “I prefer a complete stranger. It hurts like a SOB the first time but then after that it’s ok”



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