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Bearcraft, huh?

July 15, 2010 by  

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Bearcraft, huh?

Bearcraft ‘Yestreen’ Out 16th August on Hottwerk


From the path of the werewolf we have entered the world of Bearcraft, one that combines spectral synths and electro beats with pagan, scientific, philosophical and English folk themes.

Bearcraft’s debut album, Yestreen, will be released on 16th August on Hottwerk Records and is a fantastical, mathematical combination of electro uppers and bewitching acoustic slow-burners spinning folk yarns with an abundance of haunting melodies and the loveliest harmonies.

Take Bearcraft’s debut single, The Werewolf, with its hypnotic drum patterns, Gallic disco basslines and cool, disembodied vocals, it tells a tale that takes us from animalistic primal urges, through folk devils, to a contemporary scene of dancing in soaring temperatures and midnight sunshine.

Bearcraft demonstrates a love of English folk themes throughout and 80’s gaming comes to the fore in album opener Hero Man Gets To The Castle.

“A homage to a typical plot used in many classic 80s computer games – Our hero gets to the castle, battles the minions, defeats the “final boss” and rescues the maiden. I liked putting this to a song because it evokes medieval imagery via 80s computer gaming.” Bearcraft

Or Polly’s Garden which ponders the concept of ‘transhumanism’ (the ability to upload oneself to a computer and exist in another medium that is non biological) through the use of Lewis Caroll imagery and the juxtaposition of analogue guitar riffs with digital sonics.

Yestreen is a traveller’s journey through the world of Bearcraft taking in diverse reference points of clairvoyance, altered states and retro physics theories to barn owls, werewolves, castles and empty barns.

Bearcraft is here and Yestreen is their opus to the world where digital concepts and sonics are tempered with folk themes and philosophical thought.

In this case, hearing is believing.



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