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Bizarre competition: Be the star of Mel Merio’s new video!

July 6, 2011 by  

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Bizarre competition: Be the star of Mel Merio’s new video!

Acclaimed Viennese artist Mel Merio wants you to join the likes of NY club legend Larry Tee, Christopher Just (Kitsune), London drag icon Chrissy Darling and Japanese starlet Jun Nakayama as a star in the video for her forthcoming single ‘What’s The Big Deal’.

Film yourself dancing, miming, singing, expressing yourself, or just generally looning about to Mel’s electro-pop gem ‘What’s The Big Deal’ and upload the results. The finished video will played on GOTV (Austria’s answer to MTV), You Tube, Vimeo, Mel’s website and Facebook page aswell as the many other sites the video gets placed online. The more people get involved, the further it will spread.

Mel on the video:

“We want to give you the possibility to present yourself in this video. It’s not about me. It is about us. It’s about you. This video gives you the possibility to promote yourself and your message. You’ll need to sing along or lip synch, but also feel free to write your stage-name, website, slogans or whatever you want on a poster, your clothes or even on your body. Think about what you want to do. What do you wanna ‘say’? How do you wanna look? Who are you? The world needs your expression! The world needs your energy and your message! I’ll be so grateful if you join in and I can’t wait to see the footage. If you have any questions, email me at x”


1) Take your camera or android phone.
2) Set the device to high resolution in camera’s preferences.
3) Set the camera up pointing at you and make sure that the picture is clear.
4) Download / stream the original version ‘What’s The Big Deal’ (original Version by Larry Tee and Christoper Just) at The lyrics can also be downloaded here:
5) Mime, or even (even better) sing along to the track It is very important that your singing is in-synch with the lyrics and music.
6) Do your thing. The more footage the better.

7) Upload the whole file (without compression or change of size) to:
1) Select file
2) Description: Mel Merio video
3) Recipient’s e mail :

Deadline for submissions is July 18th

Other artists likely to participate include: Peaches, Jim Warboy, Chicks On Speed, Mark Moore, Amanda Lepore, The Fire And Reason, Peter Pansky, Jonny Woo, A Man To Pet, Ilona International, Barbara Lippe, Stefan Brunnbauer (Mc Queen), Bella, Kevin Graves, Colby Bartur, Andre Johnson, Bad Brilliance, Ladyfag NYC, Valerie, Trackshittaz, Skero, PJ Ransone, Joyce Muniz, Natalie Brunner, Lulu Lavey and Clemens Haipl.



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