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Berlin based electro-rockers, BODi BiLL, release their UK debut album, ’TWO iN ONE’ , this summer on upfront German label, Sinnbus Records and is your introduction to all that is thriving in the heart of the European undeground.

BODi BiLL bring the heart & soul back to Berlin.

Europe discovered the sound of these three Berliners through word of mouth. No subtle marketing strategy. No artificial online hype. Only passion.

In a time of by the numbers genres and hype, BODi BiLL enter the stage with an alternative draft. They inspire with pop songs full of love and devotion, backed up by a coolness only a city like Berlin can bear. A coolness bursting with 3000 voices singing together during their live shows.

BODi BiLL grew up amidst the Berlin underground scene, as part of post punk, avant garde bands, as part of the club and DJ scene – WMF, Berghain, Melt! – this is BODi BiLL’s world. Leading the charge in the world’s most exciting club scene with frontman – Fabian Fenk – possessing one of the most expressive voices you will find in the European underground.

The single “I like Holden Caulfield“ out now, is the band’s first sonic venture into the hearts and minds of the UK. Passionate songwriting, unobstructed indulgence, virtuosic beats, Kraftwerk-like synth layers. Always refining their already unique sound.

The band tell their story on many levels but always get to the right people. BODi BiLL count Bloc Party and The Gossip among their fans. Look at this: http://www.vimeo.com/7834817

Pop songs to show that they are forever hungry. ’TWO iN ONE’, BODi BiLL’s UK debut album collects the essential moments of the band’s hitherto existing work, re-tweaked, re-mastered, re-mixed, re-perfected.




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