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Boe Weaver release self-titled album

March 25, 2010 by  

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Boe Weaver release self-titled album

Welcome to the world of Boe Weaver, where things are done a little differently…. |

Boe Weaver are less a band and more a state of mind. They make strange, exotic and heavy instrumental music; music without words because words can be wasteful and vocals will only taint or distract from what it is they create. And what is that exactly? Well, now. Let’s see. It’s a mood, a (eek) vibe, a monolithic lurch towards another plane entirely. It’s music that goes beyond language and instead lifts the lid of your skull to swirl a finger around the gloop inside, and leaves you feeling all the better for it. It’s musical trepanning. It’s a forest fire. It’s a lost satellite. It’s velvet. It’s hot wax. It’s sunset and sunrise. Yeah.

I Think You Two Should Leave /Green slime mash up! from VU Records on Vimeo.

Details, details. Boe Weaver keep all that stuff on the down-low, you know. Because the whole ‘Inspired by X and Y, they formed in Zzz’ thing can be a bit tedious. And we can pretty much guarantee that – incoming cliché alert – in the case of Boe Weaver the music should and certainly does all the talking for them.

We do know this though: Boe Weaver (it’s a mis-spelling of ‘boll weevil’) initially came together in late 2008 in response to a musical brief they received from the producers of a hugely popular blood-splattered US TV show. The music that Boe Weaver create inhabits the same space as explored in the best of 60s psyche wig-outs, obscure 70s horror soundtracks (think Vampyros Lesbos, The Vampires of Dartmoore, Goblin), Ennio Morricone scores, the Krautrock jams of Amon Duul II, Popol Vuh and their Germanic contemporaries. And more. Much more. We could also maybe point to some disparate contemporary reference points too: Chrome Hoof, Oneida, The Horrors, Dungen, David Holmes, Cherrystones. That type of thing.

In the two short years they have recorded slab after slab of their own heady music, while reworking and remixing music by an array of stars. Boe Weaver’s approach to such collaborations is to take a vocal, and completely write new song around it. So they don’t so much remix songs as re-birth them.

In early 2009 they released the single ‘Jellybean’ / ‘Ghouls’, which was swiftly followed in June 2009 by the ‘Rising EP’, a beast of a release featuring ‘Monster Maker’ and ‘I Think You Two Should Leave’, the former a beefed-up, spliffed-up sonic attack, the latter some gonzo white boy funk with a stomach full of mushrooms. It was received with the sight of eyes rolling backwards and the sound of jaws thudding floorwards.

Then on March 22nd they will release their self-titled debut album. It is like the world’s greatest record collection squeezed into a band. Then cranked up really high. All releases are on their own label VU Records.

As one review of Boe Weaver’s debut so rightly put it “If this LP was thirty-odd years old and the soundtrack to some exploito-hacker movie, then it would be changing hands for £200-plus. However, it’s a new release, which means you don’t have to pay through the nose to land a copy… which you should.”

You definitely should. Because what Boe Weaver do is far out shit, basically. A lava lamp of sound exploding in your face. A cosmic rearrangement and prolonged derangement of the senses that is totally necessary in an era when 99% of music does anything but that. What happened to wanting to change the world through music? Start a revolution? Healing the karmic wounds of the universe’s sick and the needy? It’s right here, baby.

And we also know this: Boe Weaver work out of The Isle of Wight, they like to wear massive animal masks and they rarely leave the studio. They’re keeping their thousand yard stares well-hidden as they get busy in 2010 and beyond as they set to work on new tunes and an array of projects, including numerous film soundtrack commission from Hollywood, Europe and Japan and plenty more Boe Weaver songs.

The first stage of the journey that began in earnest and which has now morphed into the occupation of this unique, self-created musical universe is now complete. Prepare yourselves for the next stage as best you can.



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