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Bot’Ox in Overdrive

May 18, 2010 by  

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Bot’Ox in Overdrive

Bot’Ox: Overdrive. Out on June 7th on I’m A Cliché

Parisian motor fetish electro poppers, Bot’Ox puts it into gear and takes to the Autobahn with their latest single, ‘Overdrive’ out on I’m A Cliché Records this June. Jammed packed with up-tempo rhythms, mad synth lines and freaky melodies at every sharp turn, ‘Overdrive’ is the perfect long haul, road trip soundtrack as you put pedal to the metal on the highway to where ever.

A tried and tested formula, the reaction to the track at the end of the band’s new live set has proven to be most welcoming. The crowd loves it and so do Bot’Ox. Already a staple fixture in the buzzy Parisian scene, the duo’s debut album will be released in September and the boys look set to rev it up.

The 12” package comes with 4 choice remixes.

Morgan Geist, of Metro Area fame and Environ’s head honcho, adds a furious groove to the original while keeping the tension alive. French duo Logo, hotly tipped newcomers, take it straight to the dance floor and last but not least, Welcome Stranger (aka Thomas Bulllock from Rub n Tug) uses the handbrake to give us a deep, beat less and dubbed out version.

A1: OVERDRIVE (Original)
A2: OVERDRIVE (Logo remix)
B1: OVERDRIVE (Morgan Geist remix)
B2: OVERDRIVE (Welcome Stranger’s Cold Hard Light of Day Mix)

Metal sheet and iron crashing, broken glass and smoking rubber. Freewheeling, lost in Indiana on Road 66, the illegitimate couple, hit by the Grace of God, is slowly giving up the ghost.

Who are they? James Dean and Lady Di? Eddie Cochran and Grace Kel­ly? Futuristic anonymity «de rigueur», the puzzle would have to be put together again, the dislocated members re-assembled: the blond locks, the supporting brains, the tattooed fore arms, the fishnet stockings on a pair of thighs and the red lipstick one hundred percent real blood-red.

At the scrap yard, the remains of the wreck. At the elephant cemetery, the barrels ripped open. In the abandoned garages of the world’s subur­bia, the only thing left is the funny smell of burnt tires, fried cigar liters, and stripped steel factories. Luxury, calm and pleasure, the grass is proudly growing between the metallic ruins.

The only ghastly certainty: before the final crash, on the black box, it says the car radio sound system was vibrating to the sound of Bot’Ox.

Bot’Ox, or Julien Briffaz and Benjamin Boguet, the half of Tekel and the whole of Cosmo Vitelli.

A Parisian encounter in a dark recording studio near République, under the mark of Saint Ambroise, or in the middle of machines, synthesizers, effects emulators, where a pioneer bond was born. Hours of rush, bor­rowing here and there the roughest sounds for a tangible and sensorial experience, starting with abstract to cut, prune, saw, cut and cut, again and always, to find lucid melodies and blistering rhythms.

At the finish line, already six Maxi singles, on four essential labels (DFA, I’m a Cliché, DC Recordings, Marketing) to play at home, in clubs, or of course, in your car.

Keep rolling blissful driver, have fun on the autobahn, make your Cadillac roar in Vegas: speakers on full mode, hair in the wind, careless and alive…



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