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British Rockers Pen Wrestler’s Entrance Music

July 21, 2010 by  

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British Rockers Pen Wrestler’s Entrance Music

UK rockers Echo Lake are very proud to announce that they are currently in the studio working on recording their track ‘Stranded’ for a very special reason. It is to be used by British Wrestler ‘Ultra’ Marc Massa as his very own ring entrance music.

The band, who recently enjoyed time at the top of the pre-order chart after the release of their debut ‘Sink’ ep (beating off the likes of the Glee cast and Kylie Minogue no less), have been holed up in Unit Studios in sleepy Hertfordshire this week creating their heaviest work to date. It will surprise fans, who can download the track for free from the end of this month, to hear the band embrace the heavier side of their repertoire.

‘We’ve had [Stranded] knocking around for a while now and were desperate for a reason to record it’, muses multi-instrumentalist Joseph Henley. ‘We’ve been playing it live for a few months and it always seems to take people by surprise, so we were super psyched and very proud to be asked by ‘Ultra’ Marc Massa if he could use it as his ring entrance music. We’ll be playing him into the ring at the upcoming TAW ‘Meltdown’ event in Hitchin this Friday (23rd July) and we’ll be giving the track away completely free as a download from our website at the end of this month. It’s basically the coolest thing that’s ever happened to us.’



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