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Carl Warner turns food into Billy Connolly

December 14, 2010 by  

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Carl Warner turns food into Billy Connolly

Foodscape Artist Carl Warner unveils his new creation — A tribute to comedian Billy Connolly. Carl was inspired after seeing Billy’s stand-up show Live in London 2010 at the Hammersmith Apollo in January and decided to create a landscape of Billy’s face made entirely out of Scottish food ingredients.

Carl say’s “due to his fine Scottish heritage I wanted to use food and ingredients that were typically Scottish, and although I know he is a vegetarian, haggis was a “must have” ingredient, plus it has the right colour and texture for skin tones. “Neeps and Tatties” took care of his nose, hair, beard and tash, and a tartan jacket was made from bacon and cucumber. A shirt was fashioned from cabbage leaves with sliced asparagus buttons and his eyes were made from black and green olives with thin slices of chicken for the whites of them.”

Carls masterpiece took two days to make and it marked Billy’s birthday on 24 November.



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