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Flash Fiktion release new track

July 24, 2010 by  

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Flash Fiktion release new track

Debut double A-side single Leni / Science Of Sleep released on 23rd August on Split Records 7″ white vinyl / digital package & ltd lettered cassette players & tapes.

Flash Fiktion are Matt (vocals, guitar, keyboard, samplers), Ollie (vocals, guitar) and Dan (drums) – outsiders both musically and geographically, hailing as they do from Elephant And Castle.

“Flash fiction refers to a story written so it can be fitted on one sheet of paper, or on the back of a postcard,” says Ollie , one third of new south London band Flash Fiktion. “It’s not like a novel, drawn-out, something that thickens and develops. It’s a narrative with a quick impact – an idea that you can communicate in a three minute song.”

So now, here’re the first fruits of Flash Fiktion’s studio seclusion. They have a track up their sleeve mixed by Alex ‘Lexxx’ Dromgole (Wild Beasts, Crystal Castles) but for now they’re casting off with a self produced double A-side, ‘Leni/Science Of Sleep’ . The two tracks show two very different sides of a band with many angles. ‘Leni’ is pounding, glam-Stooges prog-punk. The woozy, eastern-tinged ‘Science Of Sleep’, meanwhile, is named after the Michel Gondry film of the same name. “It’s about inventing language in your sleep. You know that idea of solipsism – the fact you think you’re the only person who’s real? I’ve always had that, the idea that if I can’t feel what you can feel, are you actually real? . Flash Fiktion’s narratives may blur the boundaries of reality but their love of a good tune should keep their story true.




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