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Flower Of Zeus

March 17, 2010 by  

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Flower Of Zeus

Flower Of Zeus is not a band. Flower Of Zeus flicks its after dinner cigarette ash on the head of such tawdry notions. Flower Of Zeus is, if you must be so earnest, a collective; a fleur-de-lis for a collaborative society, the emblem of a creative order encompassing lightning bolts, militant anarchy and psychedelic recipes. The liberation of the limited edition gatefold 10” white vinyl EP Diamond Rings, released 12th April 2010 (Digital Release 5th April) on Flower of Zeus imprint Exuberant Youth, bears the first electric and eclectic fruits of this ethos.

Ever found yourself wondering what Led Zeppelin would sound like if they’d been caged, force fed tornadoes and made to play The Doors’ Roadhouse Blues in the style of Slayer? Then title track Diamond Rings just became your sonic wet dream. It chronicles a night in the life of exuberant youth Billy, a night filled with lust, speed limits, and the long arm of the law. Bank vault wall-thick slabs of guitar explode over jailbreak beats as our anti-hero hollers “One, two, three, baby look at me, I’m the king and I’m on top of the world” like the Joker on a helium bender.

There’s a sound in my head like a ticking clock

A banshee wail of feedback and the scream of “Dial 999 for the operator” herald the opening of Glad I’m Dead, an angry, incredulous, and absurd ode to the incurable, and sometimes deadly, disease known as love. The frenetic cacophony of rampant riffs, ringing alarm bells, and taunting breakdowns fashion a cocktail that’s part brutal belligerence, part Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

“I was fine before I met you bitch, thanks a lot!,” the victim spits over what can only be described as the sound of Queens Of The Stone Age, Kiss, and T. Rex having a gangbang. It’s the fruits of the last 30 years of flamboyant rock blended into one exotically unhealthy smoothie. Innocent? Nowhere near.

Squeak, squeak, squeak little piggy!

Awake The Lion is less of a song and more an incitement soundtracked by the Jesus And Mary Chain being deep fried in vim and vitriol. Infused with the sounds of the jungle, it rages like a caged animal for 157 seconds, in deference only to defiance itself, daring us to have the balls to challenge the kings of the kingdoms we inhabit – “whatever you think you don’t know shit!”

I am the ocean of infinite variety

If you’re looking for a manifesto for Flower of Zeus, for its essence, then Motorcycle serves it up as a sea of psychedelic soup. The crunching guitars, yearning croon and harmonies that usher in this paean to unreciprocated love encapsulated in a wired road trip gives no indication of what is to come.

The demented devotion of our driver leads to an inevitable breakdown that is condensed into the kind of riff that can end dynasties. A hundred guitars are beautifully strangled and leopards fight tooth and claw as choirs chant a refrain about hell, death, fire and gods inspired by medieval poetry and the NeverEnding Story, as the driver deviates ever further from desire to desperation. A distorted, fading flurry of desperate “I love you“‘s leaves you wondering if you’ll ever get back on track, or whether you ever really left it to start with…

Others labour to meet ambition; Flower Of Zeus seduce it.

April 1st EP Launch Party – Old Blue Last



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