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Framing Hanley – A Promise To Burn

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Framing Hanley – A Promise To Burn

NAME: Framing Hanley
ALBUM: A Promise To Burn
YEAR: 2010 (May 17th)
LABEL: Silent Majority

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Child friendly emo-rock with bite

LOCATION: Nashville, USA

LINE UP: Nixon (vocals/guitar/piano) / Brandon (guitar) / Ryan (guitar/piano/vocals) / Luke (bass/vocals) / Chris (drums)

WHAT’S THE STORY?: ‘Lollipop’, the heinous hip-hop anthem, was deliciously covered by these Nashville boys last year, and it racked up a more than impressive 65 million hits on It’s well worth a listen, but after that you’ll have had your fix of Framing Hanley. They’re the boys always picked last it seems, and second album ‘A Promise To Burn’ shows why: sure it’s infectiously catchy tunes will have your head bobbing like a librarian with a spinal injury, but it’s all so samey and formulaic it’s a bit of a struggle to keep the interest. The pop-punkings will wow the kids, with huge choruses that we’ve all heard before, but I think it’s a little unsophisticated for cynical old scrooges like us. But for all that, the boys owe a huge debt of gratitude to the producer Brett Hestla, who seems to have corralled the boys into a tight outfit that sits well on the slim hips of beautiful youth.

SOUNDS LIKE: strongly in the emo-rock frat, there are splashes of Panic! At The Disco here, along with a big dollop of Fall Out Boy.

YOU’LL LIKE THIS IF YOU LIKE: huge sounds and gyrating kiddywinks at daytime summer festivals.

LINKS: MySpace

– Owen Williams



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