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Funeral For A Friend join with Pledge

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Funeral For A Friend join with Pledge

London, May 4th 2010 -Pledge Music the direct to fan platform which launched in 2009 has partnered with Funeral For A Friend to offer followers of the acclaimed Welsh rock band the chance to be part of the release of a brand new EP alongside a range of amazing fan offers including exclusive access to the band, memorabilia, merchandise and live shows.

Funeral for a Friend have become the latest in a long line of name artist choosing to interact directly with their fanbase via Pledge Music, following successful campaigns from Gang of Four, Jack Bruce, Natty, Electric Eel Shock, Madina Lake and many others.

To date Funeral for a Friend, who originally formed in Bridgend in 2001, have released four studio albums, five EPs, fifteen singles, one DVD, and one compilation album.

The band will be recording a brand new EP in June, which will be strictly limited and have chosen Pledge Music as the platform through which to make it exclusively available to their fans.

The new EP will be available to pledgers alongside some truly amazing premium incentive offers including:

· Signed and personalized copies of the new EP and exclusive pledgers only t-shirts
· Exclusive pledgers only live shows in London and Cardiff
· A chance to hang out with the band at a soundcheck and help drink their rider
· A chance to conduct an interview the band on camera which will be posted on their website
· A chance to get a name check in the credits for the new EP
· An opportunity to sing backing vocals on the band’s new album
· A one-on-one guitar lesson with the bands guitarist Kris Coombs-Roberts

In addition ‘pledgers’ participating in this offer will receive exclusive access to a ‘pledgers only’ updates page at www.pledgemusic.com where Funeral for a Friend will be posting regular video updates, messages and a few other surprises.

The band will also be donating a percentage of profits from this campaign to a number of their favourite charities including PETA, Teenage Cancer Trust and The Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity.

Unlike other direct-to-fan platforms Pledge Music does not take any money from fans until the entire pledge target is met and the band retain all rights to their music. Pledge Music also charges the lowest, flat rate commission in the marketplace.

Malcolm Dunbar, Managing Director of Pledge Music said, “Funeral for a Friend are one of the UK’s premier rock bands with a large and enthusiastic fanbase. Using Pledge Music to work directly with their fans make complete sense for a band like this and we are delighted and honoured that they have chosen to use our platform to release their new EP and offer some great incentives to their followers.”

Craig Jennings from Raw Power, the band’s management company said, “We are very excited to be working with Pledge as a platform for our new record. In an ever-changing musical landscape this is an ideal way for us to interact with our large and loyal fanbase. This is a very exciting new chapter for the band.”

The Funeral for a Friend pledge campaign is now live and interested pledgers should visit www.pledgemusic.com for more information.

About Pledge Music in the words of Founder and CEO Benji Rogers

“The idea for Pledge Music was born in 2008. I had been on the road with my band Marwood on and off for around 9 years and was getting tired of playing great shows, selling a good amount of CDs and still having no money. In my head, I saw a way to determine my own musical career and also a way to help my fellow struggling musicians. I looked for it online and it wasn’t there and so decided to build it. We have devised Pledge Music to be transparent and open. We have designed Pledge Music to be beneficial to all involved. Musicians will get the funding and promotional support that they need, the fan will get the music that they want at the price that they want to pay, the studios will get paid half up front and half on delivery, and the charities who have scant fundraising resources as it is. In effect we have sought to create a system in which nobody loses.”

How Does Pledge Music Work?

Pledge Music tries to keep its offering very simple – an artist sets a target for an amount of financing they wish to raise to, say, fund the recording and marketing of their new album or DVD. The artist then approaches their fans to ask for ‘pledges’ towards the total in return for a digital download, CD or DVD of the resulting project.

The pledges available are tiered so that the fan can pledge, for example, one amount for a simple digital download, a slightly higher amount for the digital download + physical CD, an even higher amount for a bundle that includes the digital download, the physical CD and t shirt and so on. The artist can determine themselves exactly how they wish to incentivise the pledge amounts.

Unlike some other fan funded offerings no money is taken from pledgers accounts until the pledge target has been met.

The key differences between Pledge Music and other fan funded investment models are –
· No money is taken from the fan until the entire pledge target is met
· The artist retains ALL their rights forever whether they be recording, publishing, merchandising or live. Pledge Music is not interested in owning any rights that belong to artists.
· Pledge Music charges the lowest, flat rate commission in the marketplace.

For more information please visit www.pledgemusic.com



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