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INSIDIOUS DISEASE trailers and censorship!

July 5, 2010 by  

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INSIDIOUS DISEASE trailers and censorship!

Extreme metal legends have united as INSIDIOUS DISEASE to unleash the most violent death metal album in 2010. The evil breed consisting of Dimmu Borgir’s main songwriter Silenoz, Shane Embury of Napalm Death, Old Mans Child’s Jardar, drummer Tony Laureano (Angelcorpse, Nile) and vocalist Marc Grewe (from German death metal legend Morgoth) will release its debut album “Shadowcast” via Century Media Records on July 12th in Europe.

Now, the band presents you a brand-new artwork trailer for “Shadowcast” allowing a glimpse at the morbid visuals accompanying the release.

Furthermore, Silenoz now explains the concept of “Shadowcast” which has way more to offer than just typical death metal gore galore: “The basic idea behind “Shadowcast” lyrically is an attempt to describe the “misfits” in this world, the misunderstood, mentally defect and depraved individuals that walk among us – rapists, serial killers, pedophiles, necrophiles, drug addicts etc. – it could be your neighbor, you just never know. Or, it could be YOU!

Denial and self-denial are taboos that seldom are touched upon unless it’s behind closed doors at the shrink’s office. Even so, no matter how disturbing the subject might be, we hardly get to the bottom of it. Each text tries to approach the many outcast stereotypes we face in today’s modern society, and how most of them once caught get neglected and pushed away instead of being offered proper assistance, support and help through various institutions according to their “needs”. Let’s face it, we humans equal shit.

In some countries where death penalty apply the convicts also have to wait years before being executed, that is inhumane as things need to be dealt with as soon as possible. We humans are better at pushing things away and destroy than facing a problem and try to rehabilitate.

Most people reading the lyrics and seeing the booklet photos will perhaps immediately assume that it’s all about glorifying violence and hatred. But if you read between the lines it’s actually kinda the “opposite”, portraying this very issue.

So, the album title “Shadowcast” has somewhat of a double meaning; all these “actors and actresses” star in the ‘shadowcast’. They are the true stars of the underground, our very own dark backyard. The backyard we humans hate dealing with because it means interacting with other people and as they mingle among us daily they continue to “cast their shadows” at us.”

INSIDIOUS DISEASE faced serious problems during the manufacturing process as pressing plants refused to produce the original design of the booklet due to its violent content as well as print the equally controversial lyrics, Silenoz states: “It’s quite fascinating that in the year of 2010 album artwork can be so scary that manufacturing plants don’t even dare to print it. I always thought reality still was more frightening compared to art in that sense, but I guess I was wrong! Controversy is still to be reckoned with in the world of metal and if we’re being censored for being realistic and touch upon human flaws through our lyrics and art – then so be it!”

To watch the band’s current video clip “Rituals Of Bloodshed” and check out further tracks, head over to!



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