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Let’s Go To War video!

January 19, 2010 by  

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Let’s Go To War video!

In the not too distant past…Peter-John got evicted from his Toronto apartment and landed on the couch of producer DJ Cirkut. Armed with his guitar, backpack and skateboard, it was here that the first chapter of Let’s Go To War was written. After weeks of saying, “we should hook up and work on some tracks”, they finally collaborated and wrote a handful of songs in a matter of days, which resulted in a creative experience sweeter than a mouthful of cotton candy. “Life We Live” is the hedonistic club anthem that will bring any party to a climax.


The combination of the band’s influences and shared musical sensibilities gave birth to a unique sound not easy to classify by even the most outspoken of music bloggers. Citing Bob Dylan, Outkast, Daft Punk, Alan Parsons Project, Herbie Hancock and Jay-Z as inspiration, the band was galvanized into refusing to be pigeonholed. It is this unwillingness to compromise their music or pacify the pimps of the genre biz that finally evoked the freedom cry, “Let’s Go To War”. It is reactionary. It is your revolution invitation delivered to your door courtesy of groove freedom fighters, LGTW, who are only willing to describe their music as “digital confusion”.

LGTW are a virtual Jackson Pollock of multiculturalism. Their backgrounds are a colorful canvas of Jamaican, Irish and Welsh. To them, as in life, the boundaries that delineate genre and sound have become blurred and obscured. Hip-Hop, Electro, Reggae and Folk have all been blended into a potent hybrid that takes a little essence from each style of music and crosses and cultivates it into something new and exotic. It is on this fertile field that LGTW breathes easily and runs freely outside the confines of characterization and comparison.

With production for Britney Spears and remixes for The Music, The Whip and The Carps (to name a few) already under their belt, Let’s Go To War are set to release their debut album in March 2010 and are poised to take over minds and bodies quicker than L. Ron Hubbard (without firing a shot!). Let’s Go To War. Call it Electro, call it Punk, call it Hip Hop, call it Crunk. It don’t matter, because it ain’t callin’ you in the morning! So push your indie bangs out from your face, tie up dem dreads and DANCE!

1. Life We Live
2. Burn Down The Disco
3. The Whole City’s Got A Cold

About Last Gang: LGTW marks the first European self release of a label that has become synonymous with the most ground breaking electronic influenced North American artists who made it big in the UK: Metric, Death From Above 1979, MSTKRFT and Crystal Castles had all been licensed out to European labels, now LAST GANG are taking things into their own hands!



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