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Little Fish: free download and gigs!

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Little Fish: free download and gigs!

Having just wound up a tour with Hole, Oxford-based two-piece LITTLE FISH have announced that their new single will be titled ‘Am I Crazy?’ They’ve also made a free download of the track ‘Baffled & Beat’ available on their official site.

Free track download – ‘Baffled & Beat’ available at
Direct link to free download –

‘Am I Crazy?’, the new single by Oxford duo Little Fish, due for release this coming June 14th, is an important song for guitarist and vocalist JuJu. “The song is an emotional expression of the pain you can go through when falling in love with someone – hence the ‘Am I Crazy? line,” she explains. “This refers to the fact that the person singing the song thinks that they are insane to be in love hence the main chorus being “I didn’t plan to fall in love with you!”… The song is a cry for help – it is screaming, help me! I’m falling in love with, you are driving me crazy, I can’t sleep at night (restless and pacing)… and all you do is ‘arrive late’. Ultimately, the person singing the song wishes that they had never fallen in love in the first place. This is a song about the torture of love, and not about being crazy.”

It took two years to create Little Fish – JuJu, who as well as singing writes the songs, met Nez in an Oxford fish and chip shop – not the obvious place to search for the glue that will hold a band together. Nez is far more disciplined. He’s been playing drums since he was 5 and has developed his unique style by playing everything from big band jazz to rock. He’s JuJu’s backbone.

For JuJu music is a love/hate thing, it really affects her emotionally. Emotion is a word that is ever present when listening to JuJu delivering her poetic lyrics over their stripped down, ready to rock music. Her songwriting comes from her French mother who wrote songs when she was younger and from her granddad who wrote them while a prisoner of war. For JuJu doing other people’s songs was never an option.

It’s only now, having completed their first album with Linda Perry in Los Angeles, that she even feels ready to listen to other people’s music, confident in the knowledge of who she is and who they are. It was an unconscious need to keep it original. “I would hear music coming from the kitchen – a lot of blues because my father loves Ray Charles and BB King while my mum played Jacques Brel. It kind of seeped into me veins.”

It’s been said that JuJu’s spirit reminds them of Patti Smith, while others have mentioned Grace Slick; JuJu’s voice haunts and mesmerizes in a similar way. What’s in evidence throughout the band’s music is passion and intelligence, maybe even a little anger, but it’s melodic and true to the song. The Little Fish album is all real drums – half of it is live – no click track, no over dubs. Linda Perry gave JuJu a really hard time in the studio and pushed her with her writing. According to JuJu, Linda is a, “Fearless, bolshie, American rock star/super star who believes in herself.” It’s rubbed off on JuJu helping to create music with serious attitude.

“She would send me away to a room and say don’t come out until you’ve got it finished. She told me she has never been so tough on any artist that’s she’s worked with, but she showed me what I have inside of me and brought the best out in me.” Listening to their music you can hear this creativity in all its glory. “I have to be by myself in a room when I’m writing so no one can hear me shouting and screaming like an exorcist. Some people can write in public, but not me. For me it’s a solitary experience, so I can unlock my lyrics and bare my soul and inspiration.”

Their first album is due out on Custard Records/Island in October 2010. They have been performing around the UK and Europe and have recently supported Them Crooked Vultures at The Royal Albert Hall, in a busy last year of touring they have also supported Supergrass, Dave Matthews Band, Doves, Placebo, Alice In Chains, Hole, Juliette Lewis, Eagles of Death Metal and Spinnerrette.

Three of their songs are available for download to the Rock Band game

The name Little Fish is the result of Juju’s daydream “Feel free, I wake up in a head spin. I am me. I am just a Little Fish. I see what I see…”

See Little Fish live at the following dates:
May 17th London Barfly
May 21st Liverpool, Sound City
May 28th Hay on Wye, How The Light Gets In Festival
June 19th North Devon, Gold Coast Ocean Festival
July 16th Cheltenham, The Trees Festival
July 15th Oxford, Truck Festival
July 31st Cornwall, Leopallooza Festival
Sep 26th Gloucester, Underground Festival



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