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LIVE! Graeme Clark

March 19, 2012 by  

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LIVE! Graeme Clark

ARTIST: Graeme Clark
SUPPORT: Roselands
VENUE, TOWN: Komedia, Brighton
DATE: 18th March 2012

REVIEW: A tiny underground bar, filled with candle-adorned tables, is maybe not where you’d expect to see a musician whose biggest hit sold nearly 1.3 million physical copies in the UK alone. But tonight, at Brighton’s Komedia, Wet Wet Wet bassist Graeme Clark is performing tracks from his brand new debut solo album ‘Mr Understanding’.

It’s a snug setting, light-hearted and easy-going, with patrons silently absorbing Clark’s delicately acoustic musings. Accompanied on-stage by unofficial Wet Wet Wet member Graeme Duffin and accordionist-pianist Ian Duff, the trio engage the audience with witty observations. “We played a gig in Swansea – you know it has THREE award-winning Park + Rides? Imagine going to that award ceremony!” Clarke also reveals a bit about the song-writing process he goes through, for his solo work and for Wet Wet Wet tracks. “I used to write one verse, Neil would write another and Marti would do the chorus… No wonder the songs didn’t always make sense!”

Stand-out tracks include the lively ‘Bulletproof’ and the emotive piano-led ‘Lost At Sea’ Of course, ego-less Clarke includes a few Wet Wet Wet numbers. ‘Lip Service’ and ‘Don’t Want To Forgive Me’ feature mid-set, whilst he closes with number one hit ‘Goodnight Girl’, which gets the crowd singing along, and ‘Put The Light On’.

It’s not a faultless performance, but Clarke takes the technical issues in his stride. Whilst he might be used to selling out arenas as part of Wet Wet Wet, it must be nerve-wracking to play such an intimate venue as a frontman. Undoubtedly though, he pulls it off.

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