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LIVE! – The Audition

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LIVE! – The Audition

ARTIST: The Audition
VENUE, TOWN: The Hydrant, Brighton
DATE: 30 May 2012

FIVE WORD REVIEW: Failure of a promising gig


MAIN REVIEW: Chicago-based rock outfit The Audition was formed by drummer Ryan O’Connor and bassist Joe Lussa in 2003. After various shifts in style and line up, the current members are Ryan, Joe, singer Danny Stevens, and guitarists Timmy Klepek and Jimmy Lopez.

Tonight, they let the crowd wait for a while before they finally get on stage to welcome the audience of less than fifty people. Danny asks them to come closer “so I can see your faces”.
Immediately after the first tune fills the room, the audience realizes that there is something wrong with the sound. To the crowd’s disappointment the gig is frequently interrupted as the musicians try to communicate with the sound engineer. Danny complains about the sound levels and in the end asks for earplugs which only seem to help him a little. When he says that there will be just three more songs the crowd seems disappointed, however some hardcore fans continue to sing along.

The vocalist attempts to refocus the crowd’s attention to his image of a hard rocker by cursing at the audience, even though this reviewer doesn’t think it suits him. And, as their latest EP ‘Chapter II’ will be released in the UK this month (even though fans in US have enjoyed it since February last year) the band mainly plays songs from previous albums.

As soon as the band finishes the last song after only forty minutes of playing, Danny smashes the mic on the floor and sprints backstage. Even his band mates appear to be surprised (and maybe a bit ashamed) for not satisfying their fans. Sadly, due to the poor promotion and even worse sound issues, fans were left disappointed.

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– Diana Madej



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