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Marner Brown gigs and news!

August 20, 2010 by  

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Marner Brown gigs and news!

Back from their ‘Dirty Weekend’, Marner Brown release their much awaited single on 20th September 2010!

London natives Marner Brown are set to inject some much needed authenticity into the world of live rock ‘n’ roll with their debut single ‘Dirty Weekend’ released on the 20th September 2010 through Road Warrior Entertainment Record Company. Sharing a rich background of musical influences and undeniable talent, Marner Brown have found a dynamic that oozes with natural prowess on stage, delivering both unforgettable and flawless live performances. ‘Dirty Weekend’ is a culmination of their love for rock ‘n’ roll and a rare commitment to making fantastic music. The result – an anthemic single set to explode into the ears of revellers spanning the globe.
There may be comparisons with previous legends, but with an enthralling presence and raw passion for what they do, that simply put, far exceeds their combined years, the band are set to make history.

“Sitting in the bath, trying to wash my dirty weekend” the lyrics to ‘Dirty Weekend’ suggest the boys lead your typical rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle but when asked the meaning behind the suggestive single title, lead singer Fiachra is quick to wash away rumours of self biographical content and explains how it is “an extension of that same horrible realisation of how much you’d caned it all weekend, how much money you’d pissed away on beer and idiots”.

Collectively they are famed for their outrageous, yet endearing live performances and collate a diverse background of musical knowledge, having shared the stage with the likes of Ocean Colour Scene and Babyshambles and being able to name Ronnie Wood as a fan. There have been tweaks to the line up culminating in this group of raconteurs having the perfect on stage chemistry that is obvious to all.
With a presence that demands the attention of everyone in the room; it’s not going to be long before everyone’s talking about their ‘Dirty Weekend’ with the Marner Brown boys!

Upcoming tour dates:
Aug 28th – VXR Power Festival 2010, Silverstone
Aug 29th – Half-Moon Putney, London
1st Sep – 93 Feet East (with The Moons), London
Sep 17th – Bad Format, Liverpool
Sep 18th – Barhouse, Chelmsford
Sep 23rd – The Musician (with Dogs), Leicester
Sep 24th – Concorde II (with Dogs), Brighton
Sep 25th – The Grove Tavern- XFM night, London
Sep 26th – Kasbah (with Dogs), Coventry
10th Oct – Mat Horne Session at Watershed, Wimbledon
23rd Oct – Bongo Club, Edinburgh
Mar 27th – Haddowfest, Edinburgh

Other nationwide October dates to be announced soon. //



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